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Seamless Payment Processing: Empowering Businesses with Virtual Terminals for MOTO Transactions

Virtual Terminal Payment Solutions

Process payments without the need for physical hardware.


Secure and Seamless: How Virtual Terminal Payments Transform the Way You Transact

A virtual terminal is a secure web portal that enables businesses to process payments through card details provided over the phone or in-person. With this system, payments can be made from anywhere the user logs in, making it a convenient and efficient way to collect payments. Moreover, multiple users can access the virtual terminal, which can be a cost-effective solution for businesses.
Typically, virtual terminals are offered by acquirers on their platforms, but at Fidelity Group, our merchant platform includes a built-in virtual terminal, which not only saves merchants money but also simplifies the payment acceptance process. Additionally, your virtual terminal payment page can be customised to reflect your branding or that of our white label payments partner.

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Learn more about Virtual Terminals
What is a virtual terminal, and the Fidelity merchant panel?
The Fidelity merchant panel is software given to all merchants that sign up to us, either directly or through our partner network, giving them their very own virtual terminal for payments at no monthly rental costs.
What costs are involved in a virtual terminal?
The usual costs involved on a virtual terminal would be a monthly rental cost and then a click fee for every transaction that has been processed through the virtual terminal – this will be outlaid to you on your acquiring contracts and when and if you choose to utilise the virtual terminal on the Fidelity platform.
How do I connect to my virtual terminal?
Virtual terminals and the Fidelity merchant panel are web-based; therefore, you do need a 4G or internet connection to be able to take payments via a virtual terminal.
What is a MOTO payment?
A MOTO (Mail Order / Telephone Order) is a reference to a payment that has not had the cardholder present when the transaction has been processed.
How quick is it to setup a virtual terminal?
With the Fidelity Merchant Panel, you are automatically set up once your merchant account is granted. You will simply have to agree to the costs per click on the virtual terminal and then your account will be activated, and you will then, almost immediately, be able to take payments.
What are my options if a virtual terminal isn't for me?
At Fidelity, we can help you with whatever type of payments you need to accept if a virtual terminal isn’t for you. - Card Payments - E-Commerce - Virtual Terminal - Pay By Link
What card payments can I accept with my virtual terminal?
Your virtual terminal will be able to accept all the major card issuers including – Visa, Mastercard, American Express - it can also accept other types of card, but you will need to register them with Fidelity Group before they can be accepted.
Why should I choose Fidelity for my virtual terminal?
There are many reasons why you should pick Fidelity Group to look after your virtual terminal payments. We are innovators and disruptors, giving you more value, when compared with other virtual terminal payment providers. A good example would be the merchant panel that we offer to all merchants for no extra cost.