Telecoms Billing Software | CRM Platform | Provisioning and Support Platform

Empowering Billing as a service.

Telecoms customer management and
billing platform.

A billing platform with the x factor.

Comprehensive telecoms customer management and billing platform.

Anvil manages every customer interaction from contract generation, provisioning,
invoicing, accounts and credit control.

The beauty of us owning ANVIL is that we can personalise the software for you. Creating bespoke reports and give you access to extensive, up to the minute information. You can interrogate the data and get a deeper understanding of usage patterns, sales analysis and Call Detail Records (CDRs) – enabling you to manage your business efficiently and identify new opportunities and areas for improving performance.
Ticketing systems for provisioning and faults.
Access and manage all your accounts.
Management reports - interrogate data to understand usage patterns and identify opportunities.
All historical statements available when you need them.
Keep up to date with the real-time news feed.
Contact management and client account histories
Inventory management tools.
Get in-depth reports.

Fidelity is proudly powered by Anvil.

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