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Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) services in the UK.

Ethernet is our premium connectivity service for businesses demanding high-availability and high-capacity.

Highly-reliable, secure and fast data connectivity. Internet speeds up to 1Gbps.

The move to Cloud-based applications including Voice and Collaboration applications and services, as well as the need to have fast access to the Internet makes good quality access essential for businesses. Designed for IP telephony, video and conferencing services as well as instant messaging, our broadband solutions make us the perfect end-to-end supplier for your connectivity and communication requirements.

FTTP is a pure fibre connection from the exchange, into a business resulting in the ability to deliver broadband speeds far higher and more reliably than a typical FTTC connection irrespective of the cable run distance.

What is Fibre to the Premises_Fidelity Group
Connect to an extensive next generation network and receive dedicated, low latency and high availability services, with full resilience, supported by robust, end-to-end SLAs that include 24/7 UK-based support. FTTP services can help reduce the cost of private networking while improving the quality of service and support. We offer scalability and flexibility unavailable from legacy services. And we deliver dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class connections for all your voice and data traffic
What is Fibre to the Premises_Fidelity Group
Fibre to the Cabinet Broadband
FTTP, unlike FTTC, uses all fibre optic cables, making it the fastest type of fibre you can get. In fact, fibre optic allows for up to 1GBps (1000Mbps), though there aren’t any current UK customer facing providers that offer speeds that high. With the combination of fibre optic cables and the fact that they go directly to your premises, FTTP is certainly the preferred option for those who are serious about their broadband use.
With FTTP there is no “up to” bandwidth. The bandwidth that you buy is the bandwidth that you will obtain over your connection.

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