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Using EPOS to improve customer retention

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Using EPOS to improve customer retention

We have looked at how you can control your stock so now let’s explore how you can keep people buying it. It’s more cost-effective to have repeat customers than getting new ones so improve your customer retention and treat your customers with the help from your trusty EPOS system.

Loyalty Scheme

Everyone loves a freebie whether it’s collecting points or offering direct discounts. The information you can collect (providing the customer consent of course) can give you a valuable insight into your business.

Loyalty schemes are not just the domain of large companies, any business can offer a scheme to customers. With loyalty software, you can reward your loyal customers and encourage new ones to sign up and invest in your company. With EPOS you can tailor-make the scheme to your business by:

  • Offer points on purchases to be redeemed later against future transactions
  • Exclusive member-only discounts
  • Buy X amount and get your next free

All of these are easily manageable with an integrated system. You could use traditional loyalty cards that are kept in the customer’s wallet or integrate with 3rd party apps.

Customer Experience

Let’s face it, the British are renowned around the world for many things one of them being queuing. We don’t have to be asked to queue we just do it, but in all honesty – who likes queuing? We are all busy people so an easy-to-use EPOS system makes the point of sale processes quick and your queues shorter. It is a win-win – your staff can serve more customers quickly and accurately while keeping customers happy.

For the tech-savvy customer (or the ones who can never find the paper receipt) you can email receipts directly and encourage them to interact with your business. Why not add a link to the email with a survey or incentive to give you accurate customer feedback, allowing you to evaluate your service and adapt quickly to customer demands.

Customer Insight

Build up a picture of your customer base using your EPOS systems. It can store a lot of data (with customer consent of course) to help your business. If you have some stock which you would like to move on for an example and you can see that several customers buy this, you can market this to your customers on a special offer.


If you have the info on the who, what, and why from your EPOS system this is going to make marketing and promotions and your life much easier. Use this information to market products to people based on their buying history e.g. you wouldn’t promote a special offer of juicy succulent steak to someone who has only ever bought vegan food!

People deal with people in business to build relationships and retain them. If you can speak the customer’s language this is only going to improve your business with a little help from your EPOS system.

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Credit article: Modern World Solutions