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Pay by Link

The Ultimate Solution to collect payments for Order Processing and Timed Payments

Many take-aways and restaurants in the UK use Pay-by-link systems to secure deposit payments for reservations.

Contactless Payments Made Easy: discover the advantages of Pay-by-Link

A pay link enables businesses to send their customers a safe and encrypted link via email or text message. This pay by link empowers customers to conveniently settle any outstanding balance at their own convenience. The payment is secure as customers not only input their card details but also receive the pay link through their preferred communication channel, be it an email address or mobile number they provided.
Normally, pay-by-link transactions are processed through virtual terminals. However, at Fidelity Group, we have developed our own approach within our merchant panel to support pay-by-link functionality. With our merchant panel, you have the ability to customise your page with your business’ brand and colours, creating a tailored online payment experience for your customers.

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Pay-by-link is the ultimate solution for effortlessly collecting payments from customers, whether it’s for processing orders or capturing timely payments.
With a pay by link, you can swiftly and securely request customers to pay by card, ensuring a smooth, easy and branded payment experience.

Learn more about Pay by Link

What is a pay link?
A pay link is a secure link that can be sent via email or SMS to your customer, enabling them to make a safe and secure payment.
What are the connectivity requirements?
Pay by Link is sent via a virtual terminal or a web-based merchant panel, therefore internet connectivity is vital for you to be able to raise the pay by link.
How do I send a pay link?
Pay by link is sent directly from either your Fidelity merchant panel or your third-party virtual terminal. You simply put the email or contact number of the person you want to send the link to, and the amount and press send. You will then get a report on when the payment has been made.
Is a pay by link payment secure?
Yes – a pay by link is a very secure way of taking a payment, with added security of 3DS.
What costs are involved in sending a pay ink?
The usual acquiring fees are applied to a pay by link payment. However, you may have additional fees such as a click fee each time the link is opened and SMS batch fees if you are sending your links by SMS message.
Can I brand my pay by link page?
Yes. We can brand your pay by link page with your logo, we can also change the colours of your payment page.
Can I put a pay by link on my invoices?
It depends on what invoicing software you are using to send your invoices, however with our new merchant panel you can send invoices directly from the panel that includes a pay by link on the invoice. Our invoicing also integrates directly with Xero and QuickBooks accounting software.
Can I keep track of my transactions?
Yes, there is a designated area on our merchant platform that delivers reports on all transactions that are sent via the merchant panel. This area will tell you what has been opened, paid, and what has not been. You can also send reminders from here.
Is there a setup fee for pay by link?
There is not usually a setup fee for pay by link services. Unless your business needs a high risk merchant account and then there may be set up fees for this.
What cards will I be able to accept with pay by link?
Pay by links will accept all the major card issuers such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Other issuers are supported also.
Will my high risk business get accepted for pay by link?
Yes, your high risk business is possible to be accepted for a pay by link – the main part of getting approval is to get accepted for your high-risk merchant account first, we can then implement the pay by link software for you on your merchant panel.