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Emergency Location Address Updating Service

    Why Location Address Information Is Needed

    To ensure that accurate and precise location information is presented to the 999 operator (or even an organisational internal safety desk) when an emergency call is made from a VoIP telephone.

    The reason that the automatic provision of reliable location information is important is to cater for emergency situations where the caller is:

    • Unable to speak;
    • Disoriented; or
    • Has difficulty making themselves understood due to language or dialect issues.

    Moral obligations

    Irrespective of the regulatory and legal obligations, all organisations and home users have a moral duty of care to provide maximum protection for their workforce, family and visitors to their premises.

    Therefore, ensuring that precise and accurate location information is delivered with a 999 call from their private telephone network is simply the right thing for an organisation to do.

    Doing the right thing ensures that anyone in their workforce who is in the unfortunate situation of having to make an emergency call would receive the necessary assistance as quickly as possible.