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Unlock Advanced Call Management with Horizon Cloud PBX

Horizon Phone System for Business

Increase customer and employee satisfaction with Horizon Collaborate.

Step into the future of telephony with Horizon Phone System, Horizon Cloud PBX. Modern businesses are embracing cloud-based solutions for smarter call management.

Horizon Cloud PBX in a glimpse: This all-encompassing business phone system integrates fixed and mobile telephony via an intuitive web portal. Total control over your communication is at your fingertips.

Cloud-Powered Efficiency: Experience seamless communication from anywhere, scale effortlessly, and eliminate complex installations. Horizon Phone System empowers your business to thrive in a dynamic landscape.

Unlock Possibilities: Enhance customer interactions, team collaboration, and efficiency. Make the smart choice today – switch to Horizon Cloud PBX and transform the way you communicate.


Our team is waiting for your call to help your organisation to communicate better.

Benefits of Horizon Phone System


360 Management

Control all communication within your organisation across various locations down to individual users through a simple interface in Horizon Phone System.

Business Grade

Enhance the connectivity between your mobile and fixed telephones with our enterprise-level network, resulting in cost savings. Ideal for businesses ranging from small enterprises to large corporations.

Crystal Clear Calls

Harness unparalleled service quality, which offers the identical audio excellence of a traditional fixed line through a cloud-based phone system, seamlessly compatible with IP handsets.

Holistic Support

Experience an end-to-end service that encompasses all your requirements - ranging from devices and fundamental network access to on-site installation, training, and user manuals.

Next Generation

Address the needs of millennials, who are poised to become the predominant generation in your workforce and anticipate technology to be swift, easily accessible, and available instantly.
Highly accredited, secure and reliable.

A business-grade cloud PBX for Microsoft users.

Enterprises seeking to integrate voice functionality into their Microsoft Teams environment can now utilize Horizon Phone System for Microsoft Teams. This solution enables global call making and receiving, presenting a feature-rich and economical substitute to Microsoft Calling Plans.

Leverage our incredibly reliable carrier-grade voice network and the functionalities akin to a conventional on-premises PBX, all hosted in the cloud. This offers a sustainable, enduring solution without substantial initial expenses.

Access our brochure for more information.


Experience Horizon Phone System’s capabilities on your Windows PC, laptop, Android, or iOS device for seamless connectivity with colleagues and clients.

The Horizon Desktop Client links your office phone to your laptop or PC, offering control over calls and accounts anywhere. It’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional solutions, with added features like Presence and Instant Messaging.

Android and iOS Apps enable mobile call operations and access to settings. Trim costs with a desktop softphone and headset, and stay connected on the move.

Monitor Presence for contact availability, use Instant Messaging for quick responses, and connect with customers via different messaging services. Take charge of your account settings like Call

Horizon Integrator
Enhance your desktop experience with Horizon Integrator, expanding Horizon Phone System’s capabilities further.

This potent software provides direct control over your Horizon phone system from your desktop, bypassing the need for the UK Portal login. It seamlessly interacts with Microsoft Outlook® and Skype for Business®, and can be enhanced further with our CRM Integrator.


  • Call Preview: Ready for incoming calls via Outlook, projecting professionalism.
  • Click to Dial: Effortlessly dial from Outlook and web pages for instant calling.
  • Skype for Business® Integration: Streamlined availability status updates.
  • Desktop Control: Swift access to Call History, Call Forwarding, Presence, and more.
  • Integrator CRM: Enhance efficiency through CRM integration, connecting top CRM systems to your Horizon cloud phone system.
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Horizon Call Queue
Your solution for managing incoming calls professionally and efficiently, directing them to groups as soon as users become available.

Horizon Call Queue introduces an economical approach to maintaining a polished call reception process. It consistently informs and empowers your callers with options, reducing the risk of missing valuable connections.

Benefits of Horizon Call Queue ‘Users and Groups’:

  • Tailored Messaging: Customise welcome and hold messages, ensuring callers know their call is valued.
  • User Breakout: Allow callers to exit the queue and leave voicemail by adding a designated digit to the Call Queue Group.
  • Queue Capacity: Handle up to 25 concurrent calls.
  • Simultaneous Hunt Group: Instantly distribute calls to all accessible contacts within the Call Queue Group, ensuring prompt attention.

Horizon Call Centre

A cloud-based service offers an array of inbound call centre capabilities through an intuitive web portal.

As an extension of our Horizon phone system’s hosted telephony platform, this add-on empowers businesses to efficiently manage call centre operations, elevate agent productivity, enhance overall efficiency, and deliver top-notch customer service.

Ideal for any business handling inbound calls, from sales and help desks to formal call centre setups.

Call Centre advantages:

  • Smart call distribution for efficient routing.
  • Enhanced caller experience with real-time monitoring, barge-in, and emergency escalation.
  • Facilitates flexible remote work; agents can be based anywhere and manage multiple departments from one device.
  • Swiftly address challenging queries with senior staff support.
  • Access historical and real-time data for insights into training and peak resource gaps.
  • On-demand scalability, paying only for needed resources and adjusting as required.
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Receptionist Console

Effortlessly manage incoming calls and call routing across single or multiple sites through an intuitive interface.

Horizon Receptionist Console offers a cost-effective solution for efficiently handling call routing and overseeing multiple contacts or sites—accomplishing what traditional phone and side car setups can’t.

Elevate your professionalism, customer service, and business efficiency with Horizon Receptionist Console.

Benefits of Receptionist Console:

  • Total command over incoming calls, directing them to single or multiple sites.
  • Access and supervision of up to 800 directory contacts, streamlining call routing decisions.
  • Monitoring and fine-tuning of call queues with prioritised caller handling.
  • Creation and oversight of multiple conference calls, connecting key resources for optimal query handling.
  • Multiple receptionists managing single or multiple numbers.

Cloud Contact Centre

In a world driven by mobility and user-centric tech, users demand effortless connections. Whether via WhatsApp, Twitter, web chat, or more, the medium matters less than ease and speed.

Fidelity Group partnered with top cloud contact centre experts, to offer seamless contact management in Horizon, the UK’s leading hosted telephony cloud platform.

Everything’s live and network-linked. No extra installs or servers. Instant provisioning, boundless scalability.

  • Tailored Solutions: Our capabilities suit your needs.
  • Resilient, Secure, Scalable: Hosted across advanced data centres, we offer resilience and easy expansion.
  • Versatile Functions: Redefine customer experiences with our features.
  • Top Solution: Crafted by contact centre professionals, combining best practices and flexibility.
  • Cost-Efficient: No capital expenses, reduced ongoing costs.
  • Instant Continuity, Recovery: Seamlessly reroute contacts in disasters, maintaining control and real-time updates.

Save with Horizon hosted telephony calls today.


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