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IoT Connectivity Management as Simple as 1..2..3

vM2M, a supplier agnostic, easy to use platform, putting IoT connectivity management in your hands

The Challenge

The key challenge with IoT connectivity management has been the over reliance on IoT data resellers and the manual processes that they use.

This included the need to shop around; to discuss options with one or more IoT sales specialists; wait for quotes; the necessity to go back to those sales specialists to order; together with their ongoing involvement in issue or query resolution.

Oh, and you needed to do all that during business hours rather than at your convenience.

We’ve made it simpler

We can all buy car insurance, book flights, find a hotel, and do a whole lot more via online platforms and portals, so why can’t arranging IoT data needs be as simple and easy as that?

Turns out, with the expertise, industry knowledge, and drive we have, it can be.

Built off an industry leading management platform, vM2M takes away the complexity of the IoT market and puts you in control.

IoT Connectivity Management as Simple as

Quote, Order, Manage

IoT Connectivity Management Transformed with vM2M

Step One: Quote

With vM2M you have all the tools you need to make an informed decision on your IoT connectivity management solution.

We have leveraged our relationships with the carriers to obtain competitive pricing and simplified the complex matrix of options, such as contract lengths, data limits, coverage zones, available networks, and present the best available options and prices in one simple to understand pricing model.

vM2M addresses the complexity in obtaining IoT data quotes; clarifies the available options and removes the requirement to work with multiple suppliers and sales people.

Need a specific network? Want to check if they meet your data requirements? Do they cover the geographic areas that your customer needs? Then just select those parameters from the drop-down options and obtain an instant quote. Want to change those parameters to see what impact it has on the price? Easy, just select different options.

Step Two: Order

Once the you have found the best fit IoT data solution, an order can be simply and easily placed on the vM2M platform.

No need to talk to an IoT sales specialist, no need to place the order during business hours, and no worries or concerns about knowing exactly what has been ordered.

The order will then be processed, with updates on progress via the platform, throughout.

Processing of the order will have some variety by the nature of the order. For example, a SIM order will be processed and shipped by Fidelity Group’s Customer Operations team. Whereas a customer created IoT data order (the vast majority of orders) will be provisioned automatically with the relevant supplier.

That all said, vM2M does, of course, have options for you to interact with customer services teams, be they Partner or Fidelity Group teams.

Step Three: Manage

vM2M not only makes the quote and ordering process clear, simple and easy, it also makes the ongoing operational management of your SIM estate clear, simple, and easy.

The data and operational status of each individual SIM can be viewed in an editable list format. You can also bespoke your SIM management through group visualisation, giving you the ability to group, rename, and arrange to your specific requirements.

With this you can easily visualise the usage down to individual SIM/device levels, diagnose potential issues, and understand what happened if something goes wrong.

Beyond this you can also manage data needs by pooling and aggregating SIM data, when some devices need more data and others are using less. Or, alternatively, you can opt for a dynamic data tiering approach to avoid over usage penalties with unpredictable usage.

vM2M: IoT Connectivity Management Platform

Making IoT Connectivity Management as Simple as 1..2..3