IoT connectivity management platform

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Supplier-agnostic, user-friendly IoT platform. Simplify connectivity management. Control in your hands. Streamline your IoT ecosystem effortlessly with us.

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Streamline IoT data package design, review, modification,
and comparison effortlessly.

We have leveraged our relationships with the carriers to obtain competitive pricing and simplified the complex matrix of options, such as contract lengths, data limits, coverage zones, available networks, and present the best available options and prices in one simple to understand pricing model.
Term options
IP options​
Data requirements
Multi & Single networks
Zone Coverage checks
Instant Pricing​


Pricing on Demand

Supplier Selection

Order anytime, with full visibility into progress. SIM orders managed by Fidelity Group; automated provisioning for customer-created IoT data orders

No need to talk to an IoT sales specialist, no need to place the order during business hours, and no worries or concerns about knowing exactly what has been ordered.
One Touch SIM ordering
Progress tracking​
Data Tiering & Aggregation
Automated Sim configuration

Admin Control

Package linking

Simple SIM enablement

Cultivate deep understanding, invaluable insight, and complete control over your IoT connectivity with our comprehensive solution.

The data and operational status of each individual SIM can be viewed in an editable list format. You can also bespoke your SIM management through group visualisation, giving you the ability to group, rename, and arrange to your specific requirements.
Dashboard Management
Usage Analytic​
Optimisation tools




Personalize IoT connectivity preferences​

Tailor your IoT connectivity requirements based on coverage zones, network technologies, data usage, terms, and other configurable parameters. ​

With our intuitive platform, you can easily fine-tune your preferences to ensure optimal connectivity solutions perfectly aligned with your unique needs.

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Get pricing instantly with ease

Empower your users with instant access to transparent, real-time quotes, enabling swift and informed decision-making. 

Our platform ensures clarity and efficiency, facilitating seamless transactions and empowering users to navigate confidently in their IoT endeavours.

Global supplier coverage to achieve customer success

Require a particular network? Verify data compatibility and geographic coverage instantly. Customize parameters, observe price impacts, and receive updated quotes effortlessly. Easily adjust options for pricing comparisons.

SIM Ordering-edit

One-touch​ SIM ordering

Streamline your purchasing process with the ability to easily select your desired SIM card and Form Factor. With a simple click, orders can be swiftly placed, utilizing pre-defined contact details and delivery addresses. 

This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and expedites the ordering process, allowing users to focus on their core tasks with confidence.

SIM management at a glance​

Our portal boasts built-in functionality for automated SIM Ordering and Management across various IoT suppliers, all accessible through a single interface. 

Optimize your efficiency by minimizing user input and facilitating streamlined workflow processes, empowering users to accomplish tasks more swiftly and effectively.

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SIM Ordering-edit

Enable your customers to order​

Gain full control and insights into your IoT landscape with our platform’s individual SIM management capabilities. 

From tracking individual SIM status and usage trends to efficiently managing SIM statuses and swiftly diagnosing potential issues.

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Gain true SIM estate Insight​

The comprehensive dashboard provides users with a snapshot of their IoT connectivity landscape. This includes SIM status across the estate, data consumption trends, average usages, bills, and distribution of SIM packages

Individual SIM management made simple

Enable your users with comprehensive visibility and control over individual SIM status and usage trends.

vM2M enables seamless SIM status management and proactive issue diagnosis, all conveniently accessible through a centralized portal.

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Data Pooling 1

Harnessing usage analytics for enhanced IoT management

Explore vM2M’s suite of tools designed for visualizing IoT SIM Estates, empowering users to uncover valuable insights into their IoT data consumption patterns.

With data-driven decision-making capabilities, our platform facilitates forecasting and optimization of pools for enhanced IoT management.