Fidelity Studio

Fidelity Studio

Professional Call Handling, On Hold Messaging and IVR

Give your customers an improved call experience and your business opportunities to market and upsell.
Fidelity Studio enables you to create professional welcome greetings, on-hold messaging, auto-attendant, IVR, and call menu recordings.
Which can all be mixed with licence-free music and be ready to play to queuing and holding callers to your business.

Fidelity Studio is Easy to Use,
Self Managed, and Highly Effective

After signing up for Fidelity Studio, simply enter your website address into Fidelity Studio’s powerful AI assistant. That then uses information from your website to script bespoke recordings, pairs them with tailored AI voices and music recommendations, and creates your messaging.
• Fully integrated AI scripting tool to speed up scripting, voice and music selection
• Unlimited bespoke recordings from the very latest AI characters
• 10,000+ professionally scripted and pre-recorded messages to use or tailor to your requirements
• 50+ languages and dialects from 350+ professional voice artists
• Vast library of licence free music
Fidelity Studio free to get started, and if you’d like access to premium features, it’s quick and easy to subscribe to one of our straightforward, value for money, plans.

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Improve caller experience, simplify call management, increase customer satisfaction, add to your opportunity to market and upsell, with Fidelity Studio

Fidelity Studio’s recordings create truly useful IVR menus that help callers quickly reach the right person to resolve their query.

What’s more, informative in-queue messages help direct callers to other communication channels, better suited to their reason for calling, helping reduce caller frustration, and taking the pressure off when you’re receiving more calls than normal.

Additionally, once a caller is waiting in queue, they are an audience for promotions and marketing messages. Playing marketing messages to waiting callers keeps them updated with all your promotions, and helps them engage with you products and services.

Benefits of Fidelity Studio


Improved Caller Experience


Market and Upsell


Simplify Call Management


Increase Customer Satisfaction


Complete Control


More Repeat Customers

Fidelity Studio: Our team is here to help improve your callers experience

Fidelity Studio: Frequently Asked Questions

If my company owns or licences a music track they want to use, is it possible to use the track?
Yes, a you can upload a track into Fidelity Studio (subject to confirming you have the legal rights to do so). This uploaded track will only be accessible to you. Note: the cost of music performance licences payable to PRS/PPL (or any other music performing rights society) can be very substantial which is why very few companies use licenced music for their on-hold productions.
If my company has a PRS/PPL music track, can I use any track?
Fidelity Studio does not hold a dubbing licence, but if this is a requirement, it could be looked into, however the costs are likely to be prohibitive. Note: the licencing costs payable to PRS/PPL (or any other music performing rights society) can be very substantial which is why very few companies use licenced music for their on-hold productions.
How often are music playlists updated?
A number of new tracks are added to each playlist once a quarter to keep the experience fresh for your callers.
Can I use recordings ordered on this site for use other than telephone audio?
Our Voice Artists only licence the recordings for use on your telephony platforms. If you require a recording that's to be used on other platforms/formats (e.g. Video) please use the contact us page on the website to get in touch.
What is the SLA on new message recordings?
This depends on your Fidelity Studio package.
What about Bi-lingual recordings like Welsh/English?
These are available if Fidelity Studio has a voice artist who speaks that pair of languages fluently. When requesting a bespoke message, you will see in the Voice Artist notes field if they offer bilingual recordings. You will need to provide the script in the correct languages (i.e. that is, Fidelity Studio doesn't offer a translation service).

If you have any other questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to Fidelity Group for more information.