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Making the Switch: Migrate to SIP Trunking for Superior Performance

Say hello to state-of-the-art, more reliable hosted telephony solutions in the UK.

A seamless solution to unleash the power of cloud business communications.

VoIP technology converts your voice into a digital signal.

Work securely, productively, and efficiently from anywhere while building stronger customer relationships.

Organizations often encounter limitations with inflexible and expensive inbound/outbound voice call services when relying on traditional ISDN solutions.

SIP Trunking emerges as a powerful solution, addressing these challenges by delivering a reduced cost per channel compared to ISDN. Additionally, it brings unmatched flexibility for geographic telephone numbers, allowing them to be utilized in diverse locations, and significantly enhances reliability.

Break free from the constraints of traditional systems, and enjoy the advantages of cost savings, geographical versatility, and increased dependability.

Benefits of SIP Trunking and Call Management


Cost Saving

Enjoy up to 50% reduction in line rental expenses and savings of 25% or more on call costs when compared to conventional ISDN systems.

Secure Numbers

Seamlessly relocate your business, even beyond your current location, using our integrated number flexibility feature, ensuring the retention of your existing phone numbers.

Free Calling

Utilize complimentary call termination to UK fixed destination, and relish the added advantage of free calls between interconnected sites, spanning international locations.

Legacy Proof

SIP trunking seamlessly integrates with your current ISDN connections, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition.

Complete Control

Provides you with complete and authoritative management over your incoming numbers through a convenient app and web portal.

Unified Solution

A single contact offering both SIP trunking and streamlined call management through a unified solution.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many SIP trunks are necessary?
Most businesses typically require only one SIP trunk, which consists of multiple channels. To determine the number of channels needed, a general guideline is to configure one channel for each simultaneous call generated by the SIP gateway. The advantage is that there's no strict limit to the number of channels in a trunk, allowing your provider to adjust them according to your requirements.
What's the capacity of a SIP trunk for handling calls?
Technically, there's no set maximum for the number of channels in a SIP trunk, making it capable of handling a virtually unlimited number of calls. However, each channel requires a specific amount of bandwidth, influenced by the data's type and size transmitted over the network. This consideration is essential when planning your SIP trunking setup.
What's the cost of a SIP trunk?
Pricing varies based on channel capabilities and individual call charges, often calculated per minute. The monthly service rental ranges from £50 to £150, with SIP channel costs ranging from £3 to £150 each. Additionally, installation fees, typically starting from around £300, and number porting expenses must be considered.
How does SIP trunking differ from VoIP?
While related, SIP trunking and VoIP have subtle distinctions. VoIP enables phone calls over a broadband connection, and SIP trunking may rely on VoIP for Cloud-based calls. However, SIP trunks can handle voice, text, and audio media, allowing multiple VoIP streams concurrently.
What happens when we move offices?
SIP trunking offers number flexibility, enabling you to retain your existing number even when relocating. This eliminates costs for updating company literature and stationery and maintains the appearance of a presence in your previous area.
Can SIP protect our business during emergencies?
SIP trunks are designed for disaster recovery and business continuity, allowing quick and easy call rerouting to an alternative location when emergencies occur.
How scalable is SIP?
The service accommodates a range of connections, from two channels for small businesses to an unlimited number of channels for larger enterprises and contact centers. Lines can be added or removed at any time.
What benefits does SIP offer over ISDN setups?
SIP trunking is cost-effective per channel and offers greater flexibility in using geographic telephone numbers. It's quicker to install, provides robust business continuity, and offers a more flexible solution.
What if we want to add or remove lines?
SIP trunks are beneficial for businesses with seasonal voice capacity needs. Additional lines can be implemented quickly without long-term commitments, ideal for sales campaigns. Conversely, using Gamma SIP Trunks, multiple ISDN connections across sites can be reduced, reducing maintenance costs.
What if our internet or power fails?
SIP trunking minimizes business disruptions during disasters by enabling call routing to alternative locations. For example, if a London branch needs to close, calls can be routed to Manchester at no extra charge.
How resilient is SIP trunking?
SIP trunking is a mature service used by numerous UK organizations, demonstrating its reliability. It can even be used alongside existing ISDN connections to ensure a smooth transition.

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