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Powered by Android 7.1




5" HD Display




Advanced Connectivity

The PAX A920 Card Payment Machine: Sleek Design, App driven, Powerful Performance

The Ultimate Flexibility: Take card payments from anywhere in your building.

The portable card payment machine is perfect for hospitality venues such as bars, restaurants, and pubs.

The PAX A920, Card Payment Machine, a cutting-edge Android-based portable card machine, boasts a touch screen interface and is exceptionally user-friendly. Ideal for various settings such as hospitality, retail, and beauty, this versatile device seamlessly integrates into any environment. Designed with merchant convenience in mind, the compact PAX A920 can be easily held or carried in a pocket, allowing for effortless mobility around a venue to process faster payments. Alternatively, it can be placed in its holder on a countertop, ready to accept transactions with just a few taps on its 5-inch Android display. Experience unparalleled ease and efficiency with the PAX A920 Card Payment Machine.

Faster card payments on the go

The A920 card payment machine provides GPRS connectivity for on-the-go faster payments for any occasion, making it perfect for businesses that require a feature-rich, high-speed processing device.
How it looks
In our expert view, this portable card machine currently available on the market exudes an undeniable sense of allure, making it the epitome of elegance. Its visually appealing design has garnered immense popularity among beauty salons and hair salons, seamlessly blending with their captivating environments.
This feature-rich device encompasses all the essential capabilities of a card machine, while also offering the distinct advantage of the Pax Store. With this remarkable feature, you can conveniently install applications onto your device, expanding its potential even further.
Dual connectivity
Experience a robust and expedient processing journey by effortlessly connecting through either GPRS or Wi-Fi.
The Pax Store remains in a constant state of evolution, regularly receiving new application releases and updates to existing ones. This perpetual enhancement of applications ensures that the Pax A920 user benefits from ever-improving performance, enhanced speed, and heightened security.
Hands off Agnostics
With the remarkable functionality of the Pax Store, your technical support desk gains the ability to remotely access and troubleshoot your payment terminal. This advanced feature ensures seamless problem-solving and optimized performance for your device.
5 inch android touch screen
The Pax A920 boasts a user-friendly, visible touch screen that simplifies the input of required details for the user.
Battery Life
Equipped with a high capacity 5250mAh battery, the Pax A920 ensures you remain fully charged throughout a bustling day of processing payments, providing up to 8 hours of uninterrupted usage.
Acquirer agnostic
Fidelity Group will initially introduce a mobile credit card terminal in partnership with Elavon as the acquiring bank. However, we are actively working towards becoming acquirer agnostic. This means that our payment terminals are certified with multiple acquiring banks, including Elavon, Worldpay, Clover, E-Merchant Pay, among others. As a result, if the card machine has been distributed from Fidelity's head office, we can seamlessly switch your acquiring bank without requiring any hardware changes.

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The Perfect Fit for Mini-POS Solutions: Introducing the Pax A920 Pro

Payments Solutions: Image of ePOS terminals
The Pax A920 offers multifunctionality, serving as both a mini EPOS system and a payments device. With its swift processor, payments can be processed in a matter of seconds. For those seeking a mini-POS solution, the A920 Pro version comes equipped with a larger processor and a slightly larger screen. The true game-changer, however, is the Pax Store – similar to Apple’s App Store for payment devices. The Pax Store is a treasure trove of value-added apps, including loyalty apps and mini epos software, that can be remotely pushed to your payment terminal, transforming your Pax A920 into an exceptional payment gateway.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if a portable payment terminal is for me?
Portable terminals are perfect for venues that do not have an extensive reach within the building. They rely on a signal from the base that is plugged into the Ethernet, so if you need to move around lots within your building then a mobile might be a better fit. However, if you run a business that is serving clients at a counter then a portable terminal might be the correct solution for you. With fast transaction speed and a base to ensure battery life is always retained, a portable terminal is perfect for busy hospitality venues.
How is a portable terminal connected?
A portable payment terminal is connected through a base that is connected through Ethernet. The terminal then sits on the base and can be connected via either Bluetooth, GPRS, or WiFi. The hand unit can be removed to up to 100 meters in some cases from the base to process transactions.
What is the battery life like on your portable card machines?
The battery life of a portable terminal is around 8 hours; however, the beauty of portable devices is that they sit on a recharging base when not in use. So theoretically it should never run out of battery.
What types of businesses usually use a portable card machine?
Any business that serves at a counter usually uses a portable payment terminal. Usually, a business has busy periods so that the terminal can be placed back to gain charge in-between. Also, businesses do not have to take the device too far from the connected base unit.
Is there a contract for a portable terminal?
We can assist you with issuing you the contract length that you feel comfortable with. But you will have to sign into a rental agreement of some description.
Are your payment terminals fully supported?
Yes – all our mobile payment terminals are fully supported by our dedicated technical support lines which are open 7am – 11pm 7 days a week.
What happens if our portable payment terminal breaks?
If your mobile payment terminal breaks due to a manufacturer's fault, we offer a 24-hour swap-out service as standard. However, please note that if you break your terminal by dropping it then our warranty does not cover this, and you would be expected to pay for the repair.
How much does a portable payment terminal cost?
Our portable payment terminals range in costs depending on the one that you choose, to give you an idea they range from £15.00 per month to £30.00 per month.