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Make practice experience a priority.

Horizon Contact for Vets.

Automated callbacks, outbound SMS and live data wall boards are all features designed to help you deliver an excellent Pet Owner experience.

It’s time to move to a communication solution designed to work for the Veterinary sector.

Delivering a customer service your Pet owners deserve is possible with Horizon Contact for Vets.

Are you ready to improve your Pet Owner Experience with a cloud based customer engagement platform?

Practice experience and satisfaction is probably high on your agenda, so ensuring that you can deliver effective communication via multi channels to suit all your patients needs is essential. Horizon Contact for vets can help you do just that, with outbound SMS, call queuing and automated callbacks all available there’s no excuse not to deliver an excellent Pet Owner experience.
Ultimately a more efficient practice leads to happier pet owners with more choice and flexiblity on how they can contact and interact with their vet.

What are the pain points for pet owners?

Pet owners get fustrated at being stuck in a phone queue.
The want to, at the very least, know their position in the queue.
Preferable, they want an automated call back service, so they do not have to wait in the queue.
They want to receive and sms message to their mobile phone with reminders and confirmations of appointments.
They want to contact their practice that is most convenient to them.
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Horizon Contact for Vets_Fidelity Group

What are the pain points for vet practices?

Practices are unable to provide the preferred method of communication that pet owners require.
Struggling to handle the surge of phone calls on a Monday morning.
Difficulty in prioritising calls about the most poorly pets.
Needing an efficient way to arrange vaccinations and reoccuring appoinments.
Lacking the ability to report on the number of daily conversations/ interactions with pet owners.
Missing appointments costs the practice money.

Deliver customer service that Pet owners deserve.