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What is the PSTN switch-off?

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What is the PSTN switch-off?

The PSTN switch-off is a major change for businesses in the UK, as it will impact how they communicate with customers, partners, and employees. The PSTN network has been used for over a century, and many businesses have built their communication systems around it.

With the switch-off of PSTN-based services, businesses will need to make the transition to VoIP to continue to provide reliable communication.

How does this affect me?
As the switch-off date approaches, businesses must start planning their transition to VoIP. This includes identifying what equipment and services will be needed, such as new phones and phone numbers, and ensuring that the new system is tailored to their specific needs.

Businesses also need to consider the cost of the transition, as it may require some initial investment.

ISDN switch off roadmap

The Alternative:
One major benefit of the PSTN switch-off is that it will enable businesses to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP. VoIP is a more flexible and cost-effective solution compared to PSTN, as it allows for call routing, voicemail, and other features to be managed and accessed remotely. Additionally, VoIP provides better call quality, as it is less susceptible to interference and noise.

The PSTN switch-off is an inevitable change that will affect all businesses in the UK who use a fixed line phone service. It presents an opportunity for businesses to modernize their communication systems and take advantage of the benefits of VoIP. Businesses should start planning their transition now to ensure a smooth transition and continue to provide reliable communication to their customers. By working with Fidelity Group, businesses can ensure that their new system is tailored to their specific needs, and that the transition is as cost-effective as possible.