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Fidelity Group Launches Payments-as-a-Service

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Fidelity Group Launches Payments-as-a-Service

Fidelity Group, a leader in creating customer inspired software, telecoms and energy procurement solutions since 2008, has announced the launch of Payments-as-a-Service. This will now see Fidelity expand into the SME UK merchant payment market by providing Payment Software Solutions, Credit Card Terminals, Online Payment Gateways, EPOS and E-commerce Services.

“Since inception, Fidelity has successfully diversified and scaled its service offerings in line with their ‘Everything-as-a-Service’ model, said Alan Shraga, Managing Director of Fidelity. “The launch of Payments is another value-add service that can help retail businesses access state-of-the-art payment software solutions and technology at affordable rates.”

Fidelity Payments is a combined partnership with Modern World business Solutions merchant platform. The synergy between both businesses as software lead enabler-based companies meant that a collaboration was inevitable.

Alan Shraga adds, “We are excited to take the next step in growing our value-add services and also look forward to introducing Payments-as-a-Service to our exclusive channel partners. Our partners will now have access to additional revenue streams, a fully managed merchant payment platform as well as industry leading service and support.”

Fidelity Payments will first launch with a mobile credit card terminal with Elavon as the acquiring bank. Soon after, Fidelity plans to expand the service offering to Online Payment Gateways, EPOS and E-commerce services. They will also become acquirer agnostic by attaining certifications with multiple acquiring banks.

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