Modern World Solutions strategically partners with The Fidelity Group

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Modern World Solutions strategically partners with The Fidelity Group

Modern World Solutions, a leading UK merchant service specialist has announced its partnership with The Fidelity Group. This partnership enables Modern World to expand their portfolio and introduce their channel partners to the world of Software solutions, Telecoms solutions and Energy procurement solutions, and The Fidelity Group the same with Payments-as-a-Service to their extensive list of partners.

Warren Whitfield, Managing Director of Modern World, said, “The synergy between both businesses as software lead enabler-based companies means that a collaboration was inevitable. We are also both partner-centric organisations both inwards and outwards and our world revolves around our fantastic partners that sell our products.”

“We are excited to take the next step in partnering with Modern World and growing our value-add services”, said Alan Shraga Managing Director of Fidelity Group. “Our Partners will now have access to additional revenue streams, a fully managed merchant payment platform as well as industry leading service and support.”

Modern World and Fidelity pride themselves on finding the ultimate software and tech to place into businesses to improve efficiency and make savings where possible. Warren Whitfield adds, “We live in a world that is moving so fast and our commitment to UK businesses and our partners will ensure that no one is left behind by new technology and solutions being introduced into the marketplace. Our mission is simple, we want to be the centrepiece of the UK payments, software and telecoms scene and for us to achieve this we aim to attract the best-in-class partners in their space.”

Services provided:

  • Payment Software Solutions, Credit Card Terminals, Online Payment Gateways, EPOS and E-commerce Services.
  • Connectivity and Data, Voice and Hosted Telephony, Cloud and Hosting, Business Mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), Energy Procurement and Management, Telecoms Billing Platform.

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