Cut Costs and Increase Productivity: 15 Reasons Why You Need Business Mobiles


Cut Costs and Increase Productivity: 15 Reasons Why You Need Business Mobiles

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In today’s highly mobile world, businesses must adapt their communication strategies to meet the demands of a flexible work environment. One effective solution is to provide employees with business mobiles. Not only does this enhance productivity and accessibility, but it also offers a range of other advantages. This article will explore 15 key benefits of using business mobiles, from cost savings to future-proofing your telecoms infrastructure.

  1. Cost-saving: Business mobile contracts can be a cost-effective alternative to individual commercial mobile solutions, reducing overall running costs for your business.
  2. Improved connectivity: Business mobiles keep your staff connected, allowing them to stay in touch with colleagues even when they are on the road or away from their desks.
  3. Pooled data: With business mobile phones, you can have pooled mobile data, enabling usage to be shared among devices and avoiding out-of-bundle charges.
  4. Unified billing: Simplify your billing process by consolidating all mobile contracts into one monthly bill, reducing paperwork and administrative tasks.
  5. High-quality handsets: Business mobile contracts offer a wide range of handset options, allowing you to choose devices that suit your business needs and budget.
  6. Employee perk: Providing employees with their business mobiles is seen as valuable, enabling them to work flexibly and enhancing their work-life balance.
  7. Personalized support: Partnering with Fidelity Group, ensures dedicated account management and in-house support for your business mobiles.
  8. Streamlined network: By moving to business mobiles, you can have all employees on one network, using the same tariff and contract term, simplifying management and reducing complexity.
  9. VoIP mobile app integration: Seamlessly integrate your VoIP telephone system with the VoIP mobile app, enabling remote workers to stay connected with customers and prospects.
  10. Lone worker protection: Business mobile phones provide GPS tracking and emergency contact details, ensuring the safety of remote or on-the-road workers.
  11. Work-from-home capabilities: Business mobiles enable employees to stay connected with colleagues, customers, and prospects while working from home, ensuring seamless communication.
  12. Business continuity: Unify your fleet of mobiles under one account, ensuring consistent communication and easy management, even during unexpected events.
  13. Future-proofing: With the impending 2025 ISDN switch-off and the rise of remote work, business mobiles offer a future-proof solution for your telecoms infrastructure.
  14. Ruggedized phones: For businesses operating in challenging environments, ruggedized mobile phones provide durability and reliability, ensuring they withstand tough conditions.
  15. Flexible working environments: Business mobiles empower employees to work flexibly, whether it’s hot desking, remote working, or commuting, enabling seamless connectivity.


Business mobiles offer many advantages, from cost savings and improved connectivity to future-proofing telecoms infrastructure. By providing your team with business mobiles, you can enhance productivity, streamline communication processes, and adapt to the demands of a mobile business environment. To learn more about how Fidelity Group business mobile solutions can benefit your business, visit our website or contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. Stay connected and stay ahead with business mobiles.