Jun 22

Transitioning to the Cloud for SMEs

Cloud technology. You’ve all heard of it, but do you fully understand it? If you’re unsure, you’re likely wondering: why are so many businesses moving to the cloud? The truth is there is no single answer. Cloud-based technology has a range of different benefits, which is why the reason for switching may be different for each business based on what their priorities and needs are.

In short, cloud computing provides an alternative solution to running your own IT infrastructure, targeted at helping to increase efficiency, productivity, security and cash flow.

Here are a few benefits of cloud-based technology:

  • Greater flexibility across your business, by scaling your cloud capacity in real-time

  • Improve your speed and time to market

  • Take advantage of economies of scale

  • Strengthen your IT resilience

  • Eliminate your IT capital expenditure; and

  • Lower your IT total cost of ownership.

Although the benefits of cloud technology are well documented, committing to make the move can be challenging.

Why not download our Transitioning to the Cloud for SMEs whitepaper and find out how you can make the smooth transition into the cloud and support your business growth.