Top reasons to try e-learning
Jan 19

Top reasons to try e-learning

Let’s face it, we all respond to different learning styles and techniques – where some prefer the face to face interaction of a classroom, others prefer to digest information in their own time and at their own pace.

Thanks to continuous developments in technology and the significant growth of the edtech sector, the latter is becoming increasingly popular – where e-learning providers, like Fidelity eLearning, currently work with a vast variety of businesses looking to upskill and train their staff to reflect their organizational needs.

Still unsure? Here’s our top reasons why you should try e-learning today:

Learn anytime, anywhere
This is the beauty of e-learning – having flexibility and mobility options for learning rather than the conventional classroom-based learning which requires staff to spend extensive periods away from the office, resulting in reduced business flexibility and productivity. E-learning courses can be accessed from any mobile device, smart phone or computer, enabling your staff to up-skill at a time suitable to your business needs.

Save money
E-learning courses are extremely cost-effective compared to classroom-based training courses and are accessible for longer periods of time. This enables your business to save money and gives your employees flexibility to work their professional development around their work. With the money saved, you could even reward your team for their professional growth and reaching new goals, motivating them to continue their personal and professional development!

Real qualifications. Real skills
Many people often think that the quality of e-learning is compromised compared to classroom-based learning, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are so many e-learning courses that have been created and accredited by leading industry bodies – from Microsoft and Cisco to Prince2 – which means the qualification is just as valuable as classroom-based training.

Access to a community of professionals
With our industry leading e-learning courses comes access to a whole host of like-minded industry professionals, enabling you to network and establish new and exciting relationships.

Get the most up to date content and obtain skills that haven’t reached the classroom yet
Things are generally released online first, right? Well that is the same for edtech and e-learning. Our e-learning courses are created using the most up to date content, information and functionality and are regularly updated to ensure they stay relevant and ahead of the times – which in a fast-paced digital environment can be vital for staying ahead of your competitors!

Fill the growing digital skills gap
With a growth in digital platforms, we’ve begun to see a growth in skills requirements, with more and more individuals required to either re-learn or take on new elements within their existing job role through the use of digital platforms or technology. E-learning helps both employees and employers fill this growing gap by offering accessible, affordable and accredited courses that can be undertaken right from the comfort of their very own office or home!

Not convinced? Or do you just prefer the classroom-based training? If so, speak to us about our combined courses that incorporate some classroom or group training as well as e-learning. Or why not purchase one of our short courses that take less than 2 hours to complete and see for yourself?

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