The Impact of Brexit for Data Roaming
Jul 26

The Impact of Brexit for Data Roaming

Recent talks to abolish mobile phone roaming costs for Britons in the EU could now be scrapped after the UK public voted in favour of Brexit. The recent plan for all surcharges for texting, calling and roaming abroad were due to be banished by mid-2017 but in light of the recent Brexit development there will no doubt be some critics asking whether mobile phone network providers will still be obliged to offer the savings to the millions of Britain’s travelling abroad!

It is important to note that no changes will take effect until the UK completes its two-year separation process and this ticking clock will not start until Article 50 is invoked.

It was only last month that the EU deployed a cap for Brits traveling to EU nations meaning they only pay 4p instead roughly 16p to make a phone call.

Of course, it is still too early to predict what will happen to the likes of roaming charges for us all but as ever, keep returning to our Blog to guarantee that you know the latest.

Until next time, stay connected!