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The UK is currently facing a national crisis over soaring wholesale gas and electricity prices. The energy industry has warned that energy bills could rise by as much as 50% in the spring. Gas and power prices have increased to unprecedented levels, creating a challenging operating environment for every business and consumer. In this climate, companies need to look at the controllable factors—in this case, reducing and optimising energy consumption.

On average, 30% of the energy consumed in commercial buildings is wasted. This signifies a massive opportunity for facilities to thus reduce their energy consumption costs by 30% by identifying and reducing wasted energy.

Smart building technology gives companies and owners greater control over the building’s environment and operations, including its energy operations. These connected solutions can identify parts of the building where energy is being wasted and locate where costs can be minimised. In addition, pre-defined automation can ensure that energy is only being used when it is needed. Intelligent building systems can be retrofitted to existing buildings, which means they are within reach without moving or building new premises.

Saving on your energy costs is as easy as IoT.

By using the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect your electrical and mechanical systems to a cloud-based building energy management system, you’ll have access to data and insights that offer actionable insights for innovations and cost-saving solutions.

The IoT connects building systems through networked IoT sensors or devices, which then send and receive data between building systems and equipment. With all your building’s data in a single analytics and reporting platform, you’ll get a visual snapshot of which facilities and equipment are experiencing high energy usage. Best of all, this can all be done remotely, minimising manual readings and inspections.

Simple examples of efficiencies to implement are automated lighting and HVAC, dictated by occupancy sensors. Or, using real-time data, you can decide that a component is being overworked or underused and adjust your operations accordingly. These and other reductions in waste and energy use can help business owners make impressive savings.

Harness active energy efficiency measures

Measures such as increased insulation and higher efficiency equipment are passive means to reduce overall energy demand. When we talk about active energy efficiency measures, this refers to automated demand response and dynamic energy optimisation enabled by energy management systems. These solutions can provide demand flexibility to match intermittent renewable generation.

Energy optimisation technology can control a building’s energy use based on the real-time carbon intensity of the grid. It coordinates clean heating resources with backup fossil fuel equipment to minimise demand on the grid along with carbon emissions. With improved demand flexibility and resilience, businesses can coordinate high energy consumption periods with times that energy demand is lower and thus cheaper. It balances the use of renewables and fossil fuels in an optimised way, creating a more sustainable energy solution.

Additional benefits of energy optimisation systems:

· Actively reduce energy use and demand

· Improve occupant comfort, health and productivity

· Improve facility resilience

· Improve reliability

· Remote management

· Reduce emissions

Maximise energy efficiency for multiple benefits

Maximising energy efficiency not only saves energy costs; it also helps your business become more carbon efficient and move closer to net-zero carbon. Nowadays, there is cost-effective technology available that allows companies to reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions and create an environment in which they can thrive in the future.

About the author

Matthew Margetts is Director of Sales and Marketing at Smarter Technologies. His background includes working for blue-chip companies such as AppNexus, AOL/ Verizon, and Microsoft in the UK, Far East and Australia.

Buddy OHM

A complete, easy-to-install solution that enhances your work day

Leverage Buddy’s revenue-grade hardware

Use revenue-grade sensors in your building to track electricity, gas, water, temperature and solar power generation. Not only is the solution affordable, beautiful and non-invasive, but it’s also accurate and easy to install.

Quick insights answer the important questions

The insights panel provides you with quick answers to your most important questions like “How is my energy use compared to last week?” or “What are my top consumers?”. Use this panel to identify areas to dig deeper into the data.

Review and analyze real-time data

Review your building’s energy data in real-time. With interactive graphs you can inspect your building’s systems, identify energy use patterns or potential problem areas, and ensure the operational effectiveness of your building.

Alerts sent straight to your phone

Gain peace of mind by setting threshold alerts on key pieces of equipment in your building. They’ll be delivered via email or straight to your phone by SMS so you can be notified and deal with problems on-the-go.

Simplify reporting and compliance

Monthly automated reports on your building’s consumption and spend are delivered straight to your inbox. Reports compare energy use across months, year-to-date totals, trends and analysis, and opportunities for savings.

Display occupant-facing dashboards

Create custom occupant-facing dashboards to display publicly for occupants and/or stakeholders of your building. Savings and long-term sustainability is realized when building managers and occupants team up together.