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Next Generation Telephony

Traditional phone systems are a dying technology It’s common knowledge amongst telecommunications experts that ISDN is a dying technology. Indeed, BT intend to switch their ISDN network off entirely in... read more →

7 benefits of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has become a leading platform to drive productivity at home and in the workplace. Whether it’s managing email in Outlook, or building analysis spreadsheets in Excel, Office has... read more →

Mobile: Getting down to business

Mobile technology plays a pivotal role in putting businesses on a digital path, but there are also many practical benefits to choosing the right mobile services for your business. That... read more →

8 ways to fight cybercrime

You don’t need a qualification in IT or cyber security to know the best ways to avoid the repercussions of cybercrime. A ransomware attack occurs every 45 seconds, and ComputerWeekly... read more →

PRINCE2® Breakdown!

In the project management industry, you will probably hear the phrase “PRINCE2” more than any other. We’re here today to help you break down what PRINCE2® is and bust a... read more →

Broadband v Ethernet

Today, internet connectivity plays a pivotal role in the life of the typical SME. Email has changed the way businesses communicate and eCommerce is transforming how businesses sell their products... read more →

Top reasons to try e-learning

Let’s face it, we all respond to different learning styles and techniques – where some prefer the face to face interaction of a classroom, others prefer to digest information in... read more →

E-learning for Success

Published in Comms Dealer Magazine – October Issue “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” said Benjamin Franklin, and Fidelity Group’s Alan Shraga is issuing the same dictum to... read more →

Fidelity eLearning gets TERRA accord

Published in Comms Dealer Magazine FIDELITY GROUP unveiled its new e-learning platform to TERRA Computer partners on 7 September at Twickenham Stadium. Communications and Marketing Manager Katie Sloan told the... read more →

Fidelity nets TERRA deal on e-learning

E-commerce IT heavyweight TERRA Computer has signed the first e-learning partnership deal with Fidelity Group. The midlands-based channel-only company will now roll out the solution to its 700-strong partner base.... read more →

Data Usage in the EU

Hi! My name is Becky and I am one of the social media contributors for Fidelity. I thought as summer winds down, I would share with you my experience of... read more →

Fidelity Launches e-learning platform!

We are excited to announce we have finally launched our latest product offering, Fidelity eLearning! An e-learning platform, powered by education technology company e-Careers, that can be fully white labelled... read more →

Go Green with Fidelity Energy

Going green is becoming a huge priority for businesses across the country. It is now a powerful demonstration to customers and stakeholders of your commitment to a sustainable future. To... read more →

Stay Cyber Secure with Fidelity

Today the telecoms industry provides a wide variety of services to help people communicate and stay connected. However, as the industry has grown, so has the risk associated with it.... read more →

ITSPA Awards

On 9 May 2017, the Fidelity Group team travelled to the 9th annual ITSPA Awards at the Tower of London. The awards celebrate innovation and best practice across the telecoms... read more →

Fidelity Group Acquire Ayspark Ltd

Fidelity Group is excited to announce the acquisition of Cardiff-based business, Ayspark Limited. Through a long-standing relationship between Fidelity Group Managing Director Alan Shraga and Ayspark founder Bob Sparks, the... read more →

Everyone’s A Winner!

At the end of this week some of the Fidelity team were off into London at Cafe de Paris for the 2015 Comms Dealer Sales awards. The team had been... read more →