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A private APN (Access Point Name), is a point of entry onto an IP network for a mobile device. A Private APN gives more control on how to secure and configure your IoT SIM Cards

The future is now and IoT is changing how business is done.

Private APNs
Private and dedicated
GB/TB fibre fixed link interconnects into our network partners
Presence Azure data centres - transmitting data reliably from device to end-point
Secure Transmission
High levels of security with NNI & IPSec VPN tunnels options
Cloud Connect
Interconnects with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
Information Security
ISO9001 accredited
OPEX model
enterprise grade private networking with limited CAPEX investment

What is a Private APN?

A Private APN, or Access Point Name, is a crucial component in connecting devices to the internet or other virtual networks. It acts as a gateway between the mobile network and the virtual network, handling and connecting the protocols of both worlds.

When a SIM card is provisioned with multiple APNs, it has the capability to access multiple virtual worlds, which can be useful in a variety of situations. This is where a Private APN comes in. It gives IoT solutions the opportunity to tweak network parameters further to suit their needs better. With a Private APN, it is possible to define static or dynamic IP address ranges for IoT SIM cards. This allows for greater control over the network and can be especially useful in cases where specific IP addresses need to be assigned to specific devices. Additionally, it also enables secure connections by enforcing authentication, which can be especially useful in situations where sensitive data is being transmitted.

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Require complete unthrottled and uncapped data usage?

A private APN enables a secure private network added over the cellular network to add VPN security, resilience, usage alerting and real-time monitoring. Increasingly M2M/IoT applications are demanding a more secure and resilient communication platform with near 100% security, encrypted data and guaranteed uptime – all managed through strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

How do you currently monitor your data usage on your SIM estate?

Our APN will give you real-time data monitoring in which you can create usage alerts.

What is an IoT VPN?

The lack of an IoT VPN can impede the ability to establish inbound communication to a SIM card due to the implementation of firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT) protocols. These measures are put in place to prevent unauthorized access to the device from external entities.

An IoT VPN addresses this issue by extending the private network to the SIM card, utilizing a secure virtual tunnel that is established between the server or client and the IoT device. This configuration enables remote access to the device and any other devices connected to the local network. The IoT VPN assumes responsibility for implementing the necessary security protocols such as encryption and authentication. Only SIM cards that have been configured for the VPN can establish a connection to the application, thus simplifying the management of VPN clients on the devices.

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