Introducing Horizon Contact — The latest virtual contact centre solution for every business
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Introducing Horizon Contact — The latest virtual contact centre solution for every business

According to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report, 61% of consumers say they have stopped transacting with a business after a poor service experience, while 59% say they have higher expectations for customer support than they had a year ago.

In short, customer service matters and is frequently cited as one of the prominent cornerstones to any successful company, regardless of business-size or sector.

Horizon Contact is the new cloud-based contact centre solution from Gamma. Designed to work in conjunction with Horizon and Collaborate, Horizon Contact enables businesses to integrate internal and customer communications seamlessly, using any device, from anywhere.

In other words, it’s an entirely virtual customer contact centre.

Virtual contact centres are ideal for companies looking to provide agents with the flexibility to work remotely while reducing the costs of large buildings and office space dedicated to customer support.

Additionally, smaller businesses can now benefit from a vital resource historically used by larger organisations (with typically more budget) to effectively manage everything from customer queries to ongoing customer service and support.

Furthermore, moving customer services to the cloud means businesses will benefit from better continuity, ensuring communications won’t get interrupted in the event of a local disruption (flood, fire, local power outage, etc.).

That being said, not all virtual contact centres are created equally. Horizon Contact is teeming with useful features helping it stand out from similar products on the market. Rather than run through them trivially, let’s get straight to the big points that matter to you, looking at some vital statistics that emphasise the value and importance of a robust contact centre solution like Horizon Contact.

68% of customers use more than three channels to interact with customer service (source. Cloudblogs)

Nowadays, customers have a lot more choice when it comes to communicating with businesses and brands — whether that’s via email, instant messaging or the humble telephone.

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Horizon Contact gives agents a master view of customer communications across all channels, supporting inbound and outbound voice channels, web chat and email. The result is a consistent Omnichannel contact solution that ensures a seamless experience for both staff and customers.

64% of customers expect real-time interactions and responses (source. SalesForce)

Punctuality and attentiveness are probably two of most important aspects when providing quality customer service. Customers desire quick resolutions and speedy assistance when it comes to problems and other queries.

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Horizon Contact is compatible with a broad range of handsets and supports WebRTC to enable the use of soft phones. This allows an agent to work from anywhere on any device, with only the need to access a supported browser. All interaction history is stored within the included CRM and available to the agent when connected to a recognised customer.

55% of customers think long wait times are the most frustrating aspect of a bad experience (source. Zendesk)

As with our previous point, customers don’t want to be kept waiting to get in touch with a customer service agent. It’s a relatively simple request but can’t always be accommodated in

practice, especially when contact centres are inundated daily with huge volumes of customer interactions.

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Horizon Contact can be configured to assess a caller’s position in the queue, announce the estimated wait time and offer the caller the option of a call back if the wait time is too long. Selected time slots can also be offered to provide a more flexible call back option.

Additionally, customer interactions can be queued and managed within the contact centre environment. Calls and emails can be prioritised into VIP queues to improve first contact resolution.

68% of consumers find it annoying to have their calls transferred to a new agent (source. Zendesk)

Another common customer gripe regarding contact centres is not getting through to the appropriate person straight away, or equally annoying, being transferred to a different agent altogether. It not only extends the amount of time a customer has to wait around, but it also breaks the flow of customer / agent interactions and can lead to further frustrations down the line.

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Horizon Contact’s skills-based routing feature automatically routes calls to the most qualified agent, reducing the friction time customers might otherwise endure before speaking directly with someone relevant.

33% of customers ended a relationship with a brand because their experience wasn’t personalised enough (source. Accenture)

In an age where information is digitalised and convenience is highly sought after, customers have grown to expect tailored experiences at almost every level when dealing with a business or brand.

Horizon Contact’s integrated CRM solution allows agents to record customer interactions by channel and combine this data with all associated outcomes within a single consolidated database.

CRM integration allows the contact centre agent to find a contact’s information and contact history quickly and automatically display caller details during an inbound call, ensuring a conjoined and highly personalised customer experience.

Looking to implement Horizon Contact in your organisation?

Whether you are consumer-facing, industrial or governmental, organisations of every size need to put resources in place for handling inbound communications — specifically those regarding customer enquiry, service or support.

With a comprehensive range of contact centre features designed to enhance the capabilities of your agents while ensuring customer satisfaction, Horizon Contact is an easy-to-use solution that works in conjunction with existing Horizon products for a joined and truly unified comms strategy.

Speak to a member of the team at Fidelity Group today and see how we can implement Horizon Contact in your organisation.

Are you a Fidelity Partner looking to sell Horizon Contact to your customers?

If your customers require a virtual contact centre solution, get in touch to find out more about Horizon Contact. As a Gamma Platinum Partner, we provide access to the best hosted products to service the needs of your customers and their clients.