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Horizon Collaborate

Enhance Customer and Employee Satisfaction through Horizon Collaborate

In the realm of business triumph, proficient communication serves as the cornerstone.

In the contemporary landscape, the demand for your business to exhibit agility in addressing customer needs, around the clock, has reached unprecedented heights. Likewise, your workforce must be aptly prepared to manage a continuous influx of inquiries across a multitude of platforms.

Within this era defined by digital prowess, the expediency of your responses emerges as a pivotal discriminant. This agility not only propels you ahead in the race against competitors but also elevates your distinctiveness in a bustling marketplace.

Highly accredited, secure and reliable.

A true Unified Communications Experience

Horizon Collaborate seamlessly integrates with the renowned Horizon cloud telephony service, granting you access to an array of business telephony functionalities seamlessly intertwined with collaborative utilities like video calling and instant messaging.

Operated via a suite of applications compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, this platform empowers users to effortlessly engage with business communications and collaboration tools using their preferred devices, regardless of their location.


Agile Work and Seamless Collaboration Anywhere, Anytime

Facilitating effortless access to business communications and collaborative solutions through users’ preferred devices, Horizon Collaborate caters to remote workers and on-the-go staff seeking optimal productivity beyond the traditional office setup.

This innovative tool empowers effective hybrid work dynamics, whether at a desktop station or on a mobile device.

Individually Controlled Meeting Environments Tailored to Each User

Experience the personalized touch of Your Collaborate Room, which empowers you to oversee your meetings exactly as you envision. Whether you’re engaged in impromptu discussions with colleagues for document reviews or project deliberations, or orchestrating meticulously planned training sessions hosting up to 50 participants from within or outside your organization, you’re in complete control.


Access New Features Instantly

Horizon Collaborate boasts an impressive array of features, paving the way for genuine unified communications in the business sphere.

Through automatic updates, you gain immediate access to novel features, enhancements, and the choice to integrate with third-party apps as they’re introduced.

This seamless process also minimizes the administrative burden of communication system management.

Horizon Collaborate boast a comprehensive range of features

Multi Media

Diverse media services directly within Horizon Collaborate, including instant messaging, voice, video, desktop/application sharing, and beyond.

Any Device, Anywhere

Through desktop and mobile applications, empower users to seamlessly access business communications and collaboration tools from any device, whether it's Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS, regardless of their location.

Flexible Working

Adaptable work approaches, be it hot-desking or remote/home work, fostering increased employee contentment and productivity levels.


Horizon Collaborate's "My Room" functionality - an instantly managed conferencing environment for seamless voice, video, and sharing capabilities, enabling swift and efficient multi-party collaboration.

PBX Serviced

Experience complete integration with our acclaimed Horizon hosted PBX service, unlocking the advantages of a genuinely unified communcations journey.


Horizon Collaborate displays an ever-active personal status, facilitating optimal communication methods with colleagues.

Video Calling

Enhance voice clarity and foster more robust collaboration by incorporating visual communication through the desktop application.

Built on Horizon Hosted PBX

Horizon Collaborate offers an extensive selection of features listed below, along with a variety of supplementary add-on choices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Horizon Collaborate support mobile and flexible work?
Horizon Collaborate offers a broad spectrum of practical features. For instance, you can manage incoming calls efficiently through Call Forwarding, while Home Worker empowers you to carry your profiles and settings to your home office. With Remote Office, you can use your number and profile on any phone, regardless of your location.
What tangible advantages does collaboration provide?
Effective linkage of people, applications, clouds, and networks can revolutionize the speed and efficiency of information sharing. This not only meets rising customer demands but also enhances employee productivity, ultimately contributing to improved bottom-line results.
How does Horizon Collaborate facilitate close staff collaboration?
Horizon Collaborate provides instant messaging and presence, voice and video capabilities, desktop and application sharing, and document sharing – all through a single application accessible via Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This enables users to access business communication and collaboration services from their preferred devices, regardless of their whereabouts.
Is the installation cost prohibitive?
Horizon requires only a minimal initial investment, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes seeking productivity enhancement and image enhancement.
How can I streamline my site infrastructure?
Conducting a site survey helps identify and address redundant services and hardware during decision-making. As a cloud-based telephony solution, Horizon eliminates the need for a physical PBX and its maintenance costs, requiring only on-site handset installation. For larger multi-site businesses, the savings can be substantial. Horizon seamlessly integrates with Gamma's SIP, Ethernet, and Broadband products, and legacy connections, offering utmost flexibility.
How can I project a more professional company image?
Horizon serves as an ideal platform for organizations seeking a professional and user-friendly external interface. Whether it's schools, public sector entities, major venues, or event operators, Horizon simplifies setup and usage, enabling you to project a streamlined and highly professional image.
What can I expect in terms of call quality?
Call quality hinges on the underlying access infrastructure, as with any communication system. Backed by our Ethernet and Broadband products, Horizon ensures excellent voice quality supported by stringent SLAs, guaranteeing top-tier service delivery to your locations.

If you have any other questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to Fidelity Group for more information.

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