Jun 24

Go Superfast with Fidelity Group!

As part of a new government scheme, broadband connection vouchers worth £3000 are being delivered to 50 cities across the UK. The local schemes have been designed to meet the needs of your local area and to help SME’s to grow and develop.

What is superfast broadband?

Superfast broadband is what it says on the tin. It is superfast connectivity. Increasing your download and upload speeds enabling you to be more efficient and connect with your customer at a faster rate than normal.

Why should your business go superfast?

Upgrading your broadband can seem like a fairly pointless task, why would you upgrade something that already works? Well to start with a better connection can boost your bottom line, and every business we know would love to save money off their bottom line!

Superfast broadband can help you to:

IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE -It allows you to offer a better service and satisfy more of your customers by meeting their needs.

USE THE CLOUD -It improves your customers experience, with quicker communication and faster file sharing.

SAVE MONEY-It reduces your software and hardware costs. Enabling you to move to online hosted solutions which we have been recently covering.

SAVE TIME -It allows you to future proof, saving you time updating old technologies.

We have had over 50 customers claim their vouchers so far and you should too!

Broadband connection vouchers are available to Small or Medium Enterprises on a first come first serve basis. Why not give us a call to check your eligibility and even if this time around you don’t fit the criteria we can still help you get connected with the fasted broadband available to you!