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Web Listings.

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Performance scan

We scan over +50 online platforms to see what data of your business is missing, incomplete, or incorrect.

Publishing on different platforms

Update and publish your business information across +50 platforms in one go. Listings ensure your business is appearing everywhere; search engines, social media, review sites, apps, maps, and more.

Google My Business (GMB) creation

Listings can create a Google My Business (GMB) account for your business which you manage from the same dashboard.

Claim your business location

We can claim your business location and put you on the map


Higher rankings

By maintaining your business information up to date, online directories see your information as verified and recent and automatically rank your business higher on the search engine and search queries.

More visibility

With a higher ranking, your business will get more visibility and clicks. Listings will also empower you with insight to know where are your visitors coming from.

More customers & leads

Completed and consistent information everywhere will automatically lead to more calls, website traffic and navigation request. With our dashboard, keep track of your business results and invest where it matters more.