Fidelity Launches e-learning platform!
Aug 01

Fidelity Launches e-learning platform!

We are excited to announce we have finally launched our latest product offering, Fidelity eLearning!

An e-learning platform, powered by education technology company e-Careers, that can be fully white labelled for any business who wants to start generating a new digital revenue stream.

This latest product offering ‘Fidelity eLearning’, will help businesses benefit from education technology, as more resellers look to increase digital engagement and revenues in their portfolio.

The agreement is designed to remove one of the primary barriers to e-learning adoption and unlock the revenue potential of a global market said to be worth $220bn by 2020, according to Accuray Research.

The online courses are numerous, ever expanding and range from office packages, project management qualifications, accounting and IT, data protection and cyber security, health and safety, personal interest and commercial courses. They can be purchased via a white labelled platform linked from the reseller’s own website.

“Businesses will find something for everyone to help engage their staff and customers,” said Fidelity Group MD Alan Shraga. “Fidelity eLearning gives the business community, our channel and their own teams instant access to training across multiple devices in their own time.”

Channel resellers currently offering software and accounting packages can strengthen relationships with customers by providing the online training to accompany these products, inviting longer-term and beneficial engagement with customers.

The launch follows a seven-month development period and represents a new and significant digital revenue opportunity for partners, according to Shraga, who emphasised that the future impact of edtech and the role of technology providers in delivering it cannot be ignored.

Prominent trends driving e-learning include cloud, anywhere access, increasing budget allocations, the growing popularity of online content, gamification and rising revenues from digital apps.

“This is the latest product in Fidelity’s offering, providing a new digital revenue stream for businesses looking to embrace the age of digital transformation and utilise the power of mobile learning,” stated Shraga. “The benefits include agile learning methods, greater employee motivation, engagement, collaboration and a competitive edge.”

Shraga also noted that it’s ‘critical’ for businesses to find new ways to engage, develop and retain talent given the time and expense that goes into attracting, selecting, developing and engaging the best employees.

“Learning and development leads to better employee engagement,” he added. “With mobile devices, staff can learn anywhere, anytime, which helps businesses offering these opportunities to retain talented and skilled staff.”

In keeping with current digital engagement trends, Fidelity also offers a course in commerciality on the platform that involves experiential learning via gamification and real-world cases designed in association with BBC’s Dragons’ Den that was run successfully with Saatchi and Saatchi, KPMG, and Lloyds Banking Group.

As part of the Fidelity eLearning white labelled package, resellers can benefit from a 24/5 support team that steers customers through the course navigation and enrolment process, together with an after-sales support.

Fidelity are offering a reduced set up price for the first businesses who want to pioneer this new product in the channel by having their own white labelled platform. Email to register your interest for our next webinars, to book a demo or to receive a voucher for a FREE course.

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