Fidelity Group Acquire Ayspark Ltd
Mar 13

Fidelity Group Acquire Ayspark Ltd

Fidelity Group is excited to announce the acquisition of Cardiff-based business, Ayspark Limited. Through a long-standing relationship between Fidelity Group Managing Director Alan Shraga and Ayspark founder Bob Sparks, the decision to acquire Ayspark was finalised in 2016.

“Having met the needs of our customers for the past 30 years, it has allowed us to gain our customers’ trust in Ayspark to deliver the high level of service they expect.  Since 2010, it had always been the intention to merge with Fidelity Group to allow the same high level of service to be provided to the customers after my retirement,” said Bob.

“Having dealt with numerous network providers, we found that they all lacked in the level of support our customers needed. We made it clear to Fidelity that this was essential for a successful partnership. Having built the relationship over the last 7 years, we feel confident that the level of service expected by our customers will be upheld now that we are part of the Fidelity Group.”

Fidelity Group brings together technical knowledge and commercial understanding with services from tier one suppliers to best fit customer requirements. Fidelity solutions are always tailored to suit customers’ individual needs.

Fidelity Group will continue to provide a range of telecommunications, data and energy services to Ayspark customers, in addition to added value through other joined-up communication services, including but not limited to:

   Calls and Access

   Hosted Telephony

   Mobile Services

   IoT Solutions

   Cloud Hosting

   Data and Connectivity

   Energy savings and consultation services

Ayspark Ltd customers will continue to be supported by Bob Sparks and John Evans on a day-to-day basis, and will receive additional support from the Fidelity Group team based in Henley-on-Thames.

Fidelity Group Business Development Manager, James Shraga, will be visiting businesses in Wales in the coming weeks, so if customers would like to book an appointment to talk about services provided and the transition from Ayspark to Fidelity Group, please email or call 0800 840 6800.

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