Fidelity eLearning gets TERRA accord
Sep 12

Fidelity eLearning gets TERRA accord

Published in Comms Dealer Magazine

FIDELITY GROUP unveiled its new e-learning platform to TERRA Computer partners on 7 September at Twickenham Stadium.

Communications and Marketing Manager Katie Sloan told the 100-strong audience that the new white labelled TERRA EaaS (Education as a Service) platform represented an opportunity for resellers to earn extra revenues quickly and easily and enhance their ‘trusted adviser’ status.

“Through our white label platform, the opportunity to turn education into recurring revenues with minimal or no investment is simple and the returns are potentially huge,” she said.

“Your customers will save time, money and resources and you’ll be helping them create informed, educated and upskilled employees which in turn will build trust, respect and value.”

TERRA Computer is the UK sales arm for Wortmann AG, one of the largest independent computer manufacturers in Europe and has 700 reseller partners. When questioned, the majority of partners who attended the event said they would explore the e-learning opportunity.

“We aim to empower our resellers and partners with quality e-learning which they can supply to their customers across a range of subjects,” said TERRA Director, Gavin Rose.

“We believe that e-learning is the most exciting and innovative educational development in recent years and will become a significant future stream in all education. Fidelity are a very innovative group in bringing quality solutions to the market place. This is a quality solution that is easy and attractive for our partners to present to their end users with the security of a trusted partner, and with the added benefit of potentially recurring revenue,”

Fidelity Group officially launched Fidelity eLearning in August via digital and social media platforms, after eight months of development in partnership with UK based EdTech company, e-Careers. The fully white labelled platform was created for channel partners looking to add digital revenues to their portfolio.

Since launching in August, Fidelity says it has already had enquiries for over 500 courses from customers and channel partners in a variety of subject areas from Cyber-Security, Office 365 and Sage Accounting to e-safety and prevention courses for school groups.

Managing Director Alan Shraga commented: “Our eLearning offering is the easiest way for channel partners to start building digital revenues in under a month from signing. With a fully supported white label platform, marketing support, customer service and technical support teams included as part of the package, there is the potential for high returns on minimal investment.

“Designing, building and supporting a new website can cost businesses thousands, not to mention the development time involved and licencing of courses and content. Fidelity have done the heavy lifting in partnership with e-Careers and remove all of this time, cost, risk and hassle for channel partners.”