Ever Wondered How Green the Grass Is On the Other Side? – How to Switch From iPhone to Android
Jul 27

Ever Wondered How Green the Grass Is On the Other Side? – How to Switch From iPhone to Android

So, you have decided that now might be the time to test the water on the dark side and are planning the move from Apple to Android. The greatest problem you will face is transferring all of your data from one to the other. While there is still no easy fix for an Apple to Android move, we have got some tips to help you along the way!

Transferring contacts has always been one of the biggest hurdles. Not wanting to lose years’ worth of contacts can seem daunting but our advice would be to use iCloud. If you go into iCloud and turn on Contacts and then log in via your computer, you should see the gear icon at the bottom left. Click and select all and Export to VCard. Next login to you Gmail, go to Contacts and tap import. This should now transfer all you Apple contact to your Gmail which when setting up your new Android phone should carry across.

Moving your photos and videos will of course be a priority. This is a relatively easy process; all you need to do is plug your iPhone into your PC and import your media. Once all the images and videos have been downloaded, remove the iPhone and connect your android device. You can then drag and drop files from your computer straight to the new device.

If you would like to transfer your music across, the easiest way is to sign into Google Music on the same computer your iTunes is located. You will need to download Music Manager and when you are installing select the iTunes option when asked where you want to store your music. From there you can upload all your songs. You can continue to use iTunes and will automatically sync any new purchases to your Google Music account!

Moving your historic text message conversations is one of the most complicated things to transfer. There are some premium software options online that might be able to help and for Samsung users there is Samsung Kies software which allows you to restore an iPhone back up including past messages.

So there you have it a few quick tips to make the move from Apple to Android hopefully seem less daunting! We hope you enjoy your new handset!

Until next time, stay connected!