Don’t let snow business mean no business!
Dec 12

Don’t let snow business mean no business!

With the joys of winter already upon us, are you confident that your IT and telephony systems are robust enough to face the fiercest of winter weather? With unexpected heavy snowfall carpeting many parts of the UK over the weekend, we have seen how quickly the weather conditions can change. The unpredictability of British weather can be a challenge for businesses, often wreaking havoc on corporate communication systems, due to inadequate solutions being implemented. Broken phone lines, storms and power cuts can significantly impact hardwired communication systems, leaving businesses prone to loss of productivity and revenue. Using a unified communication provider can help you prepare and secure your business, even in the toughest of winter weather.

The cost of not having business continuity plans

During a week of particularly bad weather in 2013, it was estimated the UK lost over £318 million in productivity, due to the lack of business continuity plans. The importance of IT and telecommunication systems are continually growing in the workplace, highlighting the importance of having a reliable system in place to maintain business productivity, regardless of the weather.

To maintain a high level of productivity, reliable channels of communication between staff and customers is paramount. The weather conditions experienced in your direct working area are not necessarily the same as your customers, or your competitors for that matter. While your offices are in the direct firing line of storms and blizzards, customers elsewhere could be enjoying normal working conditions, resulting in a lack of communication, leaving them open to competitors.

A hosted solution

One solution to this issue is the use of a hosted telephony system. Using cloud based functionality, businesses can utilise a telecommunication system that is unaffected by weather conditions.  Rather than relying on fixed phone lines, which are subject to becoming damaged in adverse weather conditions, a hosted telephony system moves fixed and mobile telephony to the cloud; removing any risk of being affected by adverse weather. When weather conditions are disruptive and employees are unable to get into the office, employees can access their phone services from anywhere, on any device, making working from home easy and keeping productivity at its highest level.

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