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Streamline IoT data package design, review, modification,
and comparison effortlessly.

We have leveraged our relationships with the carriers to obtain competitive pricing and simplified the complex matrix of options, such as contract lengths, data limits, coverage zones, available networks, and present the best available options and prices in one simple to understand pricing model.
Term options
IP options​
Data requirements
Multi & Single networks
Zone Coverage checks
Instant Pricing​


Pricing on Demand

Supplier Selection

Order anytime, with full visibility into progress. SIM orders managed by Fidelity Group; automated provisioning for customer-created IoT data orders

No need to talk to an IoT sales specialist, no need to place the order during business hours, and no worries or concerns about knowing exactly what has been ordered.
One Touch SIM ordering
Progress tracking​
Data Tiering & Aggregation
Automated Sim configuration

Admin Control

Package linking

Simple SIM enablement

Cultivate deep understanding, invaluable insight, and complete control over your IoT connectivity with our comprehensive solution.

The data and operational status of each individual SIM can be viewed in an editable list format. You can also bespoke your SIM management through group visualisation, giving you the ability to group, rename, and arrange to your specific requirements.
Dashboard Management
Usage Analytic​
Optimisation tools




We are re-defining the IoT connectivity market. Making it transparent, comprehensive, and convenient. In turn, making a whole host of new revenue growth opportunities for our partners to benefit from, as the IoT connectivity market brings limitless opportunities.

IoT data needs are only going to grow in size, breadth and complexity, as any and all products that can be connected to the web, will be connected to the web.

The market that this created, has, so far, been served by a difficult, inconvenient and obscure business model. One that limits partners insight, choices and options at all steps from quote, to purchase, to operational management.