Could your business benefit from having an ethical hacker on board?
Feb 16

Could your business benefit from having an ethical hacker on board?

Most people hear the word ‘hacker’ and alarm bells ring, particularly as the world is under increasing cyber security threats with governments, banks, airports and the NHS attacked in the last year alone.

Behind the scenes however, are ethical hackers working day and night to quell the growing risk and outsmart black hat criminal tactics, which have the potential to cause mass digital casualties from the touch of a laptop.

So, what is ethical hacking, and why should your staff be trained in it?

In the broadest sense, an ethical hacker purposefully hacks into computer networks to test and evaluate its security; protecting systems from advancing cyber security threats. Identifying gaps in cyber security early can allow adequate security measures to be implemented before a breach may occur.

Upskilling current staff, with ethical hacking skills, is one approach to increasing your levels of cyber security. Trained staff can test and evaluate current levels of cyber security on a regular basis. By adopting the ethical hacker ethos, staff can continuously test security measures to ensure the optimum level of cyber security is maintained. If a potential breach is identified, necessary measures can be implemented swiftly.

With certified ethical hackers drawing increasing demand globally, businesses may struggle to recruit the necessary personnel to test and evaluate their current security systems – or pay a hefty price for it. This means that upskilling current staff with ethical hacking skills may be the most cost-effective solution to long-term cyber security.

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