Companies strive on becoming a Fidelity partner… including Chess ICT.
Aug 09

Companies strive on becoming a Fidelity partner… including Chess ICT.

Fidelity hosted 3 partner days in the penultimate week of July with the aim of attracting some of the most prosperous and ambitious IT support and service companies from around the UK. With limited places available for the 3 days, Fidelity selected companies they believed would add strategic value to the group.

To live up to the importance of these days, Fidelity hosted the event at the prestigious Leander Club, the world’s most successful rowing club amassing 114 Olympic medals. The Fidelity Group have strong connections with the Leander Club with current rowers Including Emma Spruce and former rowers Sean Dixon and Dan Boddington all working at Fidelity.

On the Wednesday, after lunch overlooking the Thames, Matt Langridge who was part of the British eight that won Silver at Beijing and a Bronze at London Olympics joined us and gave a speech about his past and about his future plans. He described his adventures and requirements that have helped him in his lucrative rowing career. He mentioned the fundamentals that are transferrable to business and how he will hang his oars up after hopefully completing the Rio Games in which he hopes to achieve gold. Fidelity’s Emma Spruce gave the directors of the various companies a once in a lifetime opportunity, by giving them a tour around the World Class facilities that Leander had to offer.

The days were very enjoyable. Sean Dixon, Sales Manager of Fidelity Group ensured that the companies came away with more than just these fantastic memories. Sean described various opportunities that would send some of these businesses to another level with our tried and tested business model. Topics including VoIP, Applification and M2M were the main talking points throughout all the days with companies taking a real interest in applifications. Smartway2 was a concept that resonated well with the directors as they understood the efficiency and effectiveness of having a booking system for boardrooms.

The feedback received by Fidelity was incredibly positive, some directors even saying it was “the best partner day they had ever been to”. Throughout the 3 days, the various directors bought into the ethos and the concept that success is the only answer at Fidelity and once the figures had been explained, all the directors were keen to book a meeting individually with Sean and Alan.

The events over the three days can be seen as a success, all it takes now for Fidelity is to ensure that the companies now become long term partners.

If you believe your company should be at the next Fidelity Group event, please contact Sean on