Dec 24

Comms Corner – Pragma X Fidelity

Instantly update business information on over 50 platforms – from Google and Apple Maps, to Waze, Uber, and Facebook.


Save time and hassle
With just one click, you can update all your business information such as phone number, opening times and categories on many different online directories.

Improve your (SEO) online findability

Complete and consistent listings will result in a higher ranking on Google Maps and many other platforms.

Happier guests

We automatically create a Google My Business account for you. Easily add or edit keywords, pictures and set your pin right on the map.

More new customers

Improved online findability and higher search rankings will increase the number of new customers that will find and choose your business, go to your office, call or visit your website.

“50% of local searches result in a
visit within 24 hours”