Dec 24

Comms Corner – 5 Positives of Going Green

Fidelity Group pose this question to you and your company today – Could your company lead the charge? We are hoping that if you have clicked here today – you care, so well done from us!

For many business leaders like yourself, who are considering taking their company green but are unsure where to start.
Perhaps you are also concerned about any potential costs this may involve.

Fortunately, there are many easy and cost-effective ways to go green, from encouraging employees to utilise a car sharing scheme, walk to work , ride to work , or use tools like collaborate from Horizon or encourage and abdicate work from home one day a week  to reduce the energy consumption in the office, or be it a bigger decision deciding to invest in modern energy efficient office space.

The 5 positives for you to consider

  1. Encourage Employee Innovation

    Although there are simple ways to go green, by asking employees to be more environmentally minded, you could be encouraging them to be more innovative, too.

    For example, by implementing greener initiatives, your staff may have to find new ways to complete tasks. This could result in a more collaborative approach and produce newer, better and more effective solutions, benefitting your employees and your business.

  2.  Reduce Company Waste

    By taking steps to reduce your business overheads, you could also help to lessen company waste. For example, by adopting a paperless office, you will effectively eliminate the need for investing in and repairing expensive printers, replacing ink cartridges, and placing orders for expensive boxes of paper.

    This one initiative alone could save hundreds of pounds per year and furthermore, it could also substantially reduce the amount of waste your business is sending to landfill.

  3.  Decrease Business Overheads

    If you decide to invest in alternative zero-carbon energy sources, such as solar panels, then going green could be expensive. However, there are many cheap environmentally friendly solutions that can reduce business overheads. In turn, this could help to boost profit margins.

    To decrease costs, you could consider adopting green initiatives, such as: reducing power usage, replacing bulbs with efficient LED options, switching from hard drives to digital storage, or going paperless.

  4. Help the Environment

    Finally, as mentioned, going green is good for the environment. As well as the potential economic impact, your business can take an active approach to reduce its carbon footprint and help the environment.

    Whether this is by reducing impact on nature through a paperless approach, choosing electric vehicles to limit your company’s impact on air pollution, or decreasing reliance on fossil fuels by lowering energy usage, your business really can make a difference.

  5. Teach and start the knock-on effect

    Teach and encourage the staff in your business and they will take it home to their families and friends!!


    Applying green processes to the workplace creates a healthy environment for employees, reduces unnecessary waste and recognizes the role that businesses play in leading the way for social change. For the business that is thinking about going green, a variety of reasons exist to take the plunge.

In summary, going green and improving your company’s carbon footprint can offer many advantages, including the five reasons listed above. Consider making small changes to see how your business can benefit, from monetary savings to brand perception