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Our recent installation of the Buddy OHM at Lutterworth Sports Centre is a perfect example of the successful, ongoing working relationship we develop with our clients. In this case, Market Harborough Council. We were originally requested to provide telephony and data services for the council, some six years ago, and have been working with them ever since. More recently, the council have seen the installation of the Buddy OHM at their main premises in Market Harborough. The Buddy OHM is a real-time energy monitoring system, designed to help reduce energy and consumption. As the installation was a great success, it was suggested in a review meeting that Lutterworth Sports Centre, could also benefit from the Buddy OHM.

About Lutterworth Sports Centre

  • A sports centre based in Leicestershire that hosts a range of sports and activities for people to enjoy.
  • Committed to contributing to the health, happiness and fitness of local people.
  • Works in partnership with the District of Harborough.
  • Facilities include a gym, swimming pool, group fitness studio and sports hall.
  • Market Harborough Council cover the costs of the facility.


Lutterworth Sports Centre had been advised by their new maintenance management company that several upgrades to lighting, air handling units (AHUs) and fuels pumps could give them substantial savings. However, they needed a way to measure these savings and report on their findings. Due to the size of the sports centre, monitoring energy usage was difficult to do. The obvious solution was to install the Buddy Ohm, which would be able to report back on all areas and quantify their savings.


We installed the Buddy energy monitoring package, covering the AHU’s, circulation pumps and the different lighting zones within the building. The system was installed over two days by our team. The system is now monitoring the difference between the old and new equipment, measuring the impact of the upgrades and changes. In addition the monitoring system has already highlighted areas where lights have been left on overnight, and we are working closely with the sports centre to provide staff training in regards to this.

Powered by Fidelity, Lutterworth Sports Centre now have…

  • Working closely with the us to identify which areas are high on energy consumption.
  • Able to see which areas where lighting has been left on for longer than required (mainly overnight, when rooms are not in use).
  • Receiving training from Fidelity on where to look for energy wastage.
  • Monitoring how much their lighting, AHU & fuel pumps upgrades are performing.