Building Monitoring

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

What is Buddy Ohm?

The Buddy Ohm system is an affordable, cloud-based, smart solution that helps monitor the consumption of resources such as energy and water usage within commercial buildings. This enables users to reduce both their utility bills and carbon footprint.

The Science That Makes You Accountable

The Buddy Ohm system contains sensors that capture real-time data via a cellular network. This data identifies areas around your building where consumption may be higher than it should be – high electricity and water usage, for example. By understanding where these areas are, your business can start to reduce both the cost and the waste. Which, not only benefits your finances, but will also benefit the planet. The Buddy Ohm system can monitor temperature, humidity, electricity and water, plus many more resources that your building might use.


Make Every Space Smarter

The Buddy Ohm system can be easily installed anywhere around your facility, enabling you to pick key problem areas to report on. The IoT (Internet of things) class hardware, allows the monitoring system to connect cellularly to the internet through wireless sensors, which are fitted next to power panels and meters. This enables the sending and receiving of data, whilst avoiding network disruptions. The independent hardware is available for any building type and won’t affect any existing systems.

Know To The Minute Detail Where You Are Using Energy

The monitoring system gives a detailed breakdown of your resource usage, performance of key systems and environmental conditions. This provides a clear and up to the minute view of your building’s health. You can track performance, spot trends and identify issues before they become problems.



Ohm View

• Glance & go information to show building health & usage
• Plug and play hardware. Connect to any TV
• An easy to use dashboard that presents real-time data
• Displays are customisable to reflect different sensors/buildings

Ohm Portal

• An operational view of resource and energy usage
• Monitor multiple areas of buildings across different locations
• Graphs and interactive data can be prepared for clear reporting
• Real-time event-based alerts
• Historical reports, trends and opportunities for savings

Building Type

Commercial Buildings

You can identify trouble spots, remotely monitor key systems, set-up alerts for when environmental conditions fall outside safe zones, and isolate specific areas. This enables you to reduce your resource consumption in an effective and affordable way. Buddy Ohm can work alongside, or as an alternative to, your existing building management system.

Retro-fit Older Buildings

Older buildings often have high energy and resource usage. This system is an effective alternative in controlling these excessive energy costs. It will uncover energy wastage hotspots and identify where you can save money. It will show you where system upgrades are needed and protect important areas from large temperature changes.

Corporate and School Campuses

Schools are under increasing pressure to reduce costs wherever possible due to continuous squeezes on their budget. They are often housed, however, in old buildings, or set on large sites where spotting when lights and the heating have been left on difficult. The Buddy Ohm system is a great way to keep a close eye on every part of a building, whilst introducing new methods to help keep costs down. All the time being a shining example for your students in reducing carbon footprints.

Find Out More

By capturing data on resource usage, the Buddy Ohm system enables a holistic view across a portfolio of buildings. This helps in adhering to the laws set by the SECR, which require businesses to monitor and report on energy usage. For more information about the Buddy Ohm system you can book a free demo with one of our advisors.