Best business smartphones 2021
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Best business smartphones 2021

Smartphones — we all have them, we all use them.

Whether we’re shopping online, bingeing our favourite television shows or catching up with family and friends, there’s no denying the fact that mobile technology has become a permanent fixture in our everyday lives. But it doesn’t end there.

Mobile devices are now an increasingly prominent presence in today’s workforce. They’ve enabled teams to collaborate from practically anywhere, whether travelling, commuting, working out in the field or desk-bound at home. And as the computational power of smartphones only continues to get better, and network speeds get faster, so do the various ways they continue to enhance business productivity and performance.

To put things in perspective: between 2017 and 2020, business mobile usage went up from an average of two hours a day to three hours a day (source. Boston Consulting Group / Google).
In 2021, however, that number is expected to jump to an average of five hours — that’s just over half an entire working day!

Sure, increased numbers of people working from home will be an influential factor, but that’s just one aspect of a much bigger picture. On the whole, mobile devices offer businesses greater flexibility, enhance workflows and strengthen communications — so long as you’re using the right device for the job.

Top business smartphones at a glance

Unlike your personal smartphone, the device you choose for work will have different requirements. It needs to give you enough battery life between charges, plenty of processing power for handling specific tasks and a decent enough display to make working comfortable. You may also have a few other preferences of your own, too.

So, what are the top smartphones for work and productivity in 2021? Here’s a quick rundown of the handsets we recommend.

iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 ProMax / Mini

Mobile for business

Apple’s flagship phone has plenty of improvements on last year’s model that are great for productivity, like 5G compatibility and better battery life. This time around, all three variants come with a stunning OLED display — even the base model.

Apple is brilliant when it comes to supporting their devices with software updates too, so there’s no need to worry about longevity. The iPhone 12 will likely receive iOS updates well into the late 2020s. And even by then, the internal A14 CPU should give you all the speed and performance you’ll need for quite some time.

If you’re still pining after an Apple phone with a smaller form factor, then there’s also a ‘mini’ variant. It has all the essential features of its bigger brothers, but everything has been shrunk down to the size of the much-beloved iPhone 5.

Galaxy S20 / S21

Mobile for business

We could just have easily picked the Galaxy S21 as our main choice here, but its lack of a microSD expansion had us reaching for the S20 instead. Both are fine phones, sharing many of the same features, but the S20 is probably the better option for anyone needing the extra storage.

Both phones share a similar vibrant Super AMOLED display; pushed all the way to the corners in what Samsung has dubbed the Infinity-O screen. What you’re essentially getting is a near edge-to-edge smartphone with a phenomenal 93% screen-to-body ratio. As you can imagine, this makes screen-based work far more palatable and easier on the eyes.

Underneath that massive screen, the Galaxy S20 houses a powerful Exynos 990 chipset and is more than capable of 5G download speeds. Meanwhile, on the rear, the telephoto lens allows for 3x optical zoom shots — ideal for teams working out in the field, needing to capture on-location images.

Galaxy XCover Pro

Mobile for business

Speaking of field-work, Samsung’s Galaxy XCover Pro is a ‘ruggedised’ phone built specifically to withstand the rigours of more challenging environments. In other words, it’s a phone that can be dropped, get dirty and be cleaned under running water if necessary. All things you should definitely avoid with a regular smartphone.

For anybody on the move all day, carrying out installations or repairs, the XCover Pro is a durable device you won’t need to worry about getting damaged. The same goes for anybody working in the construction or engineering industries.

However, this durability comes with a few technical trade-offs when compared with other devices on this list, perhaps most notable in the phone’s Exynos 9611 chipset, which isn’t quite as powerful as the iPhone or Galaxy S20’s. That being said, the XCover Pro still handles general tasks like a champ, capable of running most work-based tasks (collating notes, collaborating with teams, sending and receiving video calls, etc.) you’d expect to use while out in the field.

So, which is the best business smartphone for you?

At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with any of the smartphones we’ve listed here. It ultimately comes down to what features you value the most — and whether or not you think you’ll need the highest levels of performance to keep up with your workday pace.

Another thing you may want to consider is the operating system — are you an iOS or Android user? Do you value the flexibility of Android’s rich customisation features, or are you already deeply ensconced in Apple’s intuitive ecosystem?

Why choose Fidelity Group mobile solutions

Here at Fidelity Group, we know that mobile business devices are only as effective as the service and contracts that support them. That’s why we specialise in bespoke mobile solutions built around you. Not only do we ensure you get the best data usage for your needs, but we also integrate our solutions with existing infrastructures to ensure a seamless communications strategy across your entire organisation.

Most importantly, we’re proud to bolster this service with round-the-clock (24/7/365) personalised customer support.

With more than 10 years’ experience supporting mobile business customers, no other network provides the same extensive and immediate levels of technical, network and device support as we do.

It doesn’t matter when our mobile users need our help. Our operatives and technicians are always on-hand to give first-rate assistance, from first contact right the way through to any eventuality.

Whether your existing contract is up for renewal, or you need to re-think your business mobile strategy, we can help. Speak to us today and discover how we can implement the best mobile solution to strengthen your communications now and in the longer-term.