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3 Leading security benefits of VoIP

We live in an era of unprecedented threat to our personal and private data. For all the advances in digital technology, there’s no denying the exponential rise in cybercrime in recent times. And despite our best efforts to curb these attacks, the problem has only persisted to become even more frequent and methods even more sophisticated.

According to latest statistics released by GOV.UK, almost half of all businesses and a quarter of not-for-profit organisations reported cyber security breaches or attacks in the last year.

One area that deserves particular attention is phone systems. There are many known risks common to both VoIP systems and landlines. Which begs the question: which is the more secure?

There’s no definitive answer, but the biggest difference is in the manner that data is transmitted and stored — and that when a VoIP system is properly configured, most experts agree it can be more secure than a typical landline.

It’s also worth noting at this juncture that not all phone systems are created equally. There are various options businesses can implement, ranging from fully cloud-hosted to completely on-premises to anything in between. For the sake of simplicity, we’re sticking to the widely accepted security benefits of VoIP on the whole. Let’s dive right in…


Encryption is considered the first line of defence against any unauthorised use of your business phone system. Encrypted VoIP not only prevents hackers from eavesdropping on confidential conversations but also ensures stolen phone call data cannot be interpreted. Another benefit is that when calls are encrypted between both ends, nobody can access identifying details, such as names or locations.

Network monitoring

Network monitoring tools are typically used to measure connection quality continually, ensuring optimal performance is maintained and that VoIP calls do not suffer from choppy audio or latency issues. However, there are additional advantages to network monitoring tools that add an extra layer of security. These range from restricting certain features, such as international calls, to setting up notifications flagging unusual or suspected phone hacking activities.

Centralised management

It’s far easier to manage the security of a single, centralised system than it is managing multiple, disconnected platforms. If your systems aren’t integrated, your employees may also put your data at risk due to things like poor password management. On top of that, administrators can easily control appropriate access rights across all levels within your organisation.

Why choose Fidelity Group VoIP solutions

Here at Fidelity Group, we understand that security is paramount, and a robust, reliable telephone system is a crucial part of that strategy. We have worked with powerful VoIP systems for the past….. We deliver unique, tailored solutions designed to nurture your communications while ensuring the integrity of your infrastructure. We then bolster this with 24/7/365 dedicated technical support and customer service. Our goal is to keep you connected and communicated always. Building relationships that last.

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