Making the most of summer with your phone
Jul 06

Making the most of summer with your phone

Ahh, British summers… So unpredictable. Whether we continue to get some stunning sunshine, or we have a wet summer, we’ve got a collection of top tips from our O2 Gurus to help you make the most of it with your smartphone.


We can’t talk about being prepared for summer without talking about weather apps. Dark Sky is our O2 Guru’s #1 weather app which requires a yearly subscription (iOS – £3.99 | Android – £2.99) but with so many features, such as down to the minute localised forecasts, custom alerts and notifications in such a beautiful app, it’s money well spent.

Dark Sky’s weather widget within Android’s notification panel shows today’s weather at a glance

Our Guru’s best free alternative recommendation is Yahoo Weather (iOS – Free | Android – Free). With the same look and feel on both iPhone and Android, this is one of the most user friendly (and well designed) weather apps.

Have fun and save money

Our O2 mobile customers can also take advantage of O2 Priority to help you make the most of summer while also saving money – a win/win if ever there was one! Let us fill you in on some of our top picks:

  • Looking to stay or get fit over summer? Grab a colleague and check out the Nuffield Health offer where you can get a week of workouts for the both of you, on O2.

  • Looking to bring more sound to the office? Get 50% off JBL Connected Speakers in-store and online. Now that’s music to our ears.

  • Climb Up at The O2 with 20% off this summer. As you climb 52 metres above London, you’ll be able to take in some stunning panoramic views above one of the words most iconic music venues

  • Until 30 June, get 25% off everything at Gilbert Rugby. Grab a ball from the official England Rugby replica range, or your team of choice, or treat yourself to a big saving on boots, body armour and clothing

  • Benefit from great discounts at many restaurants

  • Entertaining clients this summer? With so much incredible live music throughout the summer, there’s bound to be a gig for you. On O2 you get access to the hottest gig tickets up to 48 hours before general release with Priority Tickets, and special perks at O2 venues.

 Step up your photo game

Many of us trust the cameras in our phones to take the best picture possible – and in many cases, especially with the advanced cameras on the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Huawei P20 Pro, they do. But there are easy ways to give your photos that extra edge to make them stand out on your businesses social media feeds or really pop on your website!

An example of what can be achieved in Lightroom Mobile

  • Photoshop Lightroom (iOS – Free | Android – Free)

    This is our Gurus’ first stop to a better photo. In every photo, colour is often your number 1 priority. You might have a great angle and great subject, but what if the colour isn’t great? Enter, Lightroom. With it you have access to presets and filters, you can magically get rid of small objects or imperfections with ‘Spot Heal’, and get control over so many lighting and colour properties.

  • Photoshop Fix (iOS – Free | Android – Free)

    Another one from those clever folks at Adobe, Photoshop Fix is great for selfies – something our team and guests were doing a lot of at our Regatta event yesterday! Adjust shadows and highlights, contrast and exposure, and also use powerful tools like Liquify, which has dedicated facial manipulation features such as making your eyes bigger or smaller, or maybe you just want to add a smile to a photo you forgot to smile for? With this app, you can do just that.

  • SKRWT (iOS – £1.99 | Android – £1.39)

    SKRWT is a bit of a more focussed app, but if you want to fix distortion or perspective (mega important if your photos feature buildings or architecture) then this is likely the best app around, tailored to do just such a job.

Get charged up

There’s nothing worse than being out and about enjoying the sun and then you see your phone sitting at 1% battery. It’s the moment we all fear. But you can make sure you have more than enough power, even if you’re nowhere near a power socket.

  • Invest in a battery power bank. You can buy one from us at Fidelity Group for under £10!

  • If you’re planning on spamming your Instagram with selfies at the beach, you can even get solar powered chargers, so you can top-up your juice while you top-off your tan

Travel light

When the hot sunny days arrive, it’s all about light clothing. However, you can travel lighter, with just your smartphone! Check out some of our top tips below to save you carrying anything you don’t need to:

  • You can leave the wallet at home. Did you know that with a combination of Contactless Payments (via Google, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay) your phone can do everything your wallet can?

  • If you’re still part of an old breed that uses real, physical maps or tourist guides, these days your phone makes it better and easier. Apps like Citymapper (iOS – Free | Android – Free) are indispensable at helping you find public transport routes & directions in many of the world’s biggest cities, including London, Birmingham & Manchester.

  • Doing a bit of a Bear Grylls and going for a nature walk or hiking? Your iPhone and most Android phones have built-in compass apps helping you navigate the old-fashioned way. We hope you’ve got the necessary Scout badges!

Having already enjoyed some epic summer days even before the schools go on break, here’s hoping the great summer continues! If you’ve got other top tips for enjoying summer with your smartphone, let us know on our social media pages!

Article content by O2 and John Clarke