IoT Solutions

Fidelity provides multi-network mobile connectivity to support IoT applications.

We specialise in designing, building, delivering, and managing high quality, bespoke IoT solutions.

Mobile Connectivity

Our multi-network SIM cards provide the best network coverage possible, ensuring you can connect to anything, anywhere, at any time.

The Power of 4G

We use 4G connectivity for the fastest speeds available in the UK, so you can run the most demanding business applications in more areas.

Aggregated Data

Our SIMs share a pooled data allowance across the business, helping to eliminate unwelcome data coverage charges from a handful of high usage SIMs.

Built for Business

We use the best business grade networks in the UK, so you can be confident in the reliability of our services.

The IoT works via Machine-to-Machine Communication (M2M)

If a machine can signal its requirements without intervention, processes can be streamlined significantly. The more data a device can generate and send independently, the greater the potential efficiencies.

IoT Solutions

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