We have launched a new white labelled eLearning platform for businesses with over 500 courses available in a variety of subject areas

Fidelity eLearning

Fidelity eLearning has been created to provide businesses with online training and development in a variety of subject areas, as well as an opportunity for new digital revenue streams for businesses who want to grow in the digital revolution.


We have over 500 courses available in a variety of subject areas including:
Microsoft Office Packages
Project Management Qualifications
Accounting and Bookkeeping Qualifications
Digital Marketing Qualifications
Data Security and Protection
Health and Safety
Personal Interest
Health & Wellbeing
And so much more!

View all of our courses available at: elearning.fidelity-group.co.uk/browse-courses

Become a Provider

Our latest product offering, Fidelity eLearning, provides businesses with a new digital revenue opportunity through the ability to white label our eLearning platform, powered by e-Careers. As more businesses look to include education technology as part of their digital portfolio, this new platform will enable businesses to deliver industry-leading online courses to employees, customers and clientele – all from an easy to use learning management system (LMS).

Our service

For businesses partnering with Fidelity eLearning, we will provide:
A white labelled eLearning platform
Marketing support
Pre-sales support
Post-sales support

Businesses can choose from a variety of courses within our course library to be added to your platform. With a team of 200, we can also source and create content to continue to provide courses relevant to our partner businesses.
Visit our Fidelity eLearning website to browse our courses, learn more about becoming a provider or to download our brochure: elearning.fidelity-group.co.uk



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