Calls and Access

We offer savings on both analogue and hosted telephony calls, as well as a wide range of solutions, from a single analogue telephone line to a comprehensive communications service.

Carrier Pre Selection (CPS)

CPS is the process of analysing, selecting and directing the path of outbound and inbound communications traffic, depending on which path delivers the best rates. CPS is available with PSTN, ISDN, SIP and hosted telephony.

Multiple Vendor SIP Trunking

SIP trunking connects your telephone system directly onto Fidelity’s network via an IP connection; your inbound and outbound voice calls will be carried and terminated across the public telephone network. Fidelity’s solution provides a highly flexible alternative to ISDN and is designed to work with all the leading telephone systems in the UK market.

Skype for Business

Fidelity SIP Trunks can be connected directly to Skype for Business, enabling your business to make external calls from the platform.

Save Money

IP connectivity costs less than ISDN with lower call costs, free internal calls between extensions and offices, and lower line rental costs for multi sites.

Line Rationalisation

For businesses with multiple sites, SIP trunking provides line rationalisation and provides flexibility in terms of the number of channels that you need to maintain – all with full control of the numbers associated with your business.

Business Continuity

If your office has been temporarily relocated following an emergency, your SIP trunks can quickly be redirected to a new destination efficiently and easily to minimise disruption to your business.

Resilience and Adaptability

SIP trunking provides a phone service that can adapt to your requirements, either catering for remote staff or if you need to balance calls between sites during peak hours.

Calls and Access

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